Anna Winberg Sääf portfolio

Fågelhuset 2013Anna Winberg SääfFågelhuset 2013Book Cover
Skuggspel 2013Anna Winberg SääfSkuggspel 2013Book Cover
SmålandspostenAnna Winberg SääfSmålandspostenIllustration for Smålandsposten
Only väg is upp 2013Anna Winberg SääfOnly väg is upp 2013Book Cover
Kanske ihop 2014Anna Winberg SääfKanske ihop 2014Book Cover
Antiloper paperback 2013Anna Winberg SääfAntiloper paperback 2013Book Cover
GaudeamusAnna Winberg SääfGaudeamusIllustration
Kärringar 2014Anna Winberg SääfKärringar 2014Book Cover
Fjärilar på min hud 2016Anna Winberg SääfFjärilar på min hud 2016Book Cover
Make it stort 2014Anna Winberg SääfMake it stort 2014Book Cover
Öland spirar 2016Anna Winberg SääfÖland spirar 2016Illustration
Elsa i London 2016Anna Winberg SääfElsa i London 2016Book Cover
Rakt mot hindret! 2016Anna Winberg SääfRakt mot hindret! 2016Book Cover
Ingen gör mål på mig 2016Anna Winberg SääfIngen gör mål på mig 2016Book Cover
Anna Winberg Sääf
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Anna Winberg Sääf

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

Anna Winberg Sääf. I do illustrations, mostly for magazines and publishing houses.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Of course I do! I run marathons and am a fencing instructor.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I'm quick, fun and smart – and know almost all there is to know about the Swedish Publishing industry.