Anna Windborne-Brown portfolio

Schweizerparken, DalaröAnna Windborne-BrownSchweizerparken, DalaröChart sign, Schweizerparken, Dalarö
Visiting Farm, Sollentuna kommunAnna Windborne-BrownVisiting Farm, Sollentuna kommunIllustration for visiting area: Visit Farm, animals, restaurant and walking paths.
Cultural map of Örebro municipalityAnna Windborne-BrownCultural map of Örebro municipalityCultural map of Örebro municipality. Shows important places to visit and convey and feeling about what Örebro is.
Beach signAnna Windborne-BrownBeach signChart illustration for beach sign.
Illustration for sign. Upplands Väsby community. Graphic design and responsible for sign construction.Anna Windborne-BrownIllustration for sign. Upplands Väsby community. Graphic design and responsible for sign construction.Illustration for sign. Upplands Väsby community. Graphic design and responsible for sign construction.
Illustration for sign. Bromma Council.Anna Windborne-BrownIllustration for sign. Bromma Council.Illustration for sign. Bromma Council. Maps , park environment, nature Project for Bromma Council. Designing sign, graphic design and responsible for sign construction.  
Cultural map, Upplands Väsby Community.Anna Windborne-BrownCultural map, Upplands Väsby Community.Cultural map, Upplands Väsby Community.
Illustration for sign. Eksjö community. Anna Windborne-BrownIllustration for sign. Eksjö community. Illustration for sign. Eksjö community. Graphic design and responsible for sign construction.
Nature illustration for Sollentuna Community.Anna Windborne-BrownNature illustration for Sollentuna Community.One out of many nature illustrations for Sollentuna Communety.
Nature illustrationAnna Windborne-BrownNature illustrationNature illustration for project, Sollentuna Community.
Illustration for magazine Care Focus. The care associationAnna Windborne-BrownIllustration for magazine Care Focus. The care associationIllustration for reports and articles.
Health careAnna Windborne-BrownHealth careIllustration for Magazine about Health care.
Illustration Customer Magazine, Svea ekonomi.Anna Windborne-BrownIllustration Customer Magazine, Svea ekonomi.Illustration Customer Magazine, Svea ekonomi.
Illustration for customer magazine. Svea Economy.Anna Windborne-BrownIllustration for customer magazine. Svea Economy.Illustration for customer magazine. Svea Economy.
Logotype till Ekobo gårdAnna Windborne-BrownLogotype till Ekobo gårdLogotype till Ekobo gård
Stockholm's Llocal trafficAnna Windborne-BrownStockholm's Llocal trafficStockholm's Llocal traffic. Fact illustration, environment, transport
Boomerang International, Illustrationer till återförsäljare katalog.Anna Windborne-BrownBoomerang International, Illustrationer till återförsäljare katalog.Boomerang International, Illustrationer till återförsäljare katalog. Akvareller.
Technical explanation in book about security for children. Swedish Standards Insitute.Anna Windborne-BrownTechnical explanation in book about security for children. Swedish Standards Insitute.Technical explanation in book about security for children. Swedish Standards Insitute.
Anna Windborne-Brown
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Anna Windborne-Brown

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

 I am engaged in the design, production and installation of various kinds of Public Relations and Informational concepts.

 Projects involve turnkey solutions for large and small on-site Signboards for commercial, cultural, recreational and housing environments as well as for parks, nature reserves, bathing areas  and areas of historical and cultural interest.

 I have also long experience from the turnkey delivery of corporate profiling programmes, visual presentations of project visions, brochures, folders and websites as well as the design of logotypes, illustrations and commercial artworks including animated presentations.

 As an Illustrator, my work often involves an artistic interpretation of the message being conveyed related to the built and natural environment, people and animals often with a sting of humour. Technical explanations in illustrative form, maps, tables and grafics. The aim being to incite a positive emotional response.

Clients include Public Bodies, Local Authorities, Federations and Professional Bodies, Private Corporations, Advertising Agencies,etc.

A selection of  Clients includes Sollentuna City, Örebro Local Authority, Eksjö Local Authority, Solna City, Stockholm City and Ekerö Local Authouraty.