Anna Windseth portfolio

Happy ReadingAnna WindsethHappy ReadingPersonal project. Illustration 2018.
Product design, Nyåkers PepparkakorAnna WindsethProduct design, Nyåkers PepparkakorDigital illustration. Client: Nyåkers Pepparkakor
NarniaAnna WindsethNarniaPersonal Work, "Narnia" illustration 2017
MechanicAnna WindsethMechanicPersonal Work, "Mechanic" illustration, 2016
ScoutingAnna WindsethScoutingPersonal Work, "Scouting" digital illustration, 2017
SnowAnna WindsethSnowPersonal Work, studying a winter environment. Digital illustration 2016.
Robot character designAnna WindsethRobot character designCharacter concepts and illustrations for the game Robototics, Dohi Entertainment.
Anna Windseth

Anna Windseth

My name is Anna, I live in Umeå and work as a freelance illustrator.

I love to be creative in different forms and I work with both traditional and digital techniques. I think it's exciting to explore ideas and imagination through drawing. But I also like to illustrate and depict more realism based motifs. Animals, nature, fantasy and science-fiction are ofter recurring elements in my artwork.

Before I started freelancing I was working as a 2D artist and illustrator, making concepts and artwork for mobile games and other digital products. One of my strengths is to be adjustable to different styles and techniques.

As an illustrator I've been working with clients such as Floe, Vinter, Nyåkers Pepparkakor, Coldwood Interactive, Level Eight and Thnx Innovation.