Anneli Olander Berglund portfolio

Laika Consulting, illustrations, 2008-2016Anneli BerglundLaika Consulting, illustrations, 2008-2016Illustrations made for Laika Consulting who did the annual reports for Söderberg & Partners, a selected piece from the many illustrations I made for them througout the years 2008-2016
Pantagruel publishing, NorwayAnneli BerglundPantagruel publishing, NorwayBook illustrations for Anniken's book "Bare en natt til" The simplistic ink illustrations depict her own private photos and Instagram images, Anniken is an influencer in Norway.
Personal Work "Amoebas"Anneli BerglundPersonal Work "Amoebas"In my role as pop surrealist painter I sometimes create artwork dealing with my struggles. Amoebas was an attempt at finding a sweeter mental relationship with viruses and bacteria, however I seldom drop too many hints in the title as I enjoy letting the observer come to his or her own conclusions regarding what they are looking at. Made using ink.
Illustration "Nearsighted Intuition" for Computer Arts MagazineAnneli BerglundIllustration "Nearsighted Intuition" for Computer Arts MagazineThe purpose of the illustration was to showcase different ways of retouching and/or spicing up your traditional art using Photoshop (I went for subtle changes)
Book cover "Heart" for Åre SkidsportAnneli BerglundBook cover "Heart" for Åre SkidsportCover for Åre Skidsport who made a book called "Hjärta" meaning "Heart". I made the heart traditionally using ink and then retouched it digitally using Photoshop.
Personal work "Les Femmes" ink and gouacheAnneli BerglundPersonal work "Les Femmes" ink and gouachePop surrealism artwork "Les Femmes" painted with ink and gouache in 2018
Anneli Olander Berglund

Anneli Olander Berglund

Swedish illustrator and designer Anneli Olander Berglund grew up in a small town, deep in the thickly forested, copper-rich Swedish province of Värmland — and later found happiness in the poetic and coffee sipping urban jungle of Stockholm.

She has been freelancing since January 2007 when, at the age of 26, she started her own company A.Olander Illustration. 

Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, including at :

Be Cool gallery, Italy (2008),

Corey Helford Gallery, USA (2008),

Solo show at Friends of Leon Gallery, Australia (2011)

Solo show at Hellion Gallery, USA (2012)

Group show at Giant Robot Gallery, USA (2017)

More recent ventures have seen her illustrations adorn everything from runways in Italy to iPhone apps, artisanal chocolates to the pages of ArtNews.

To name a few clients throughout the years:

Tiltworks, USA

Element Skateboards, USA

Electrolux, SWEDEN

Pantagruel forlag, NORWAY

Laika consulting, SWEDEN

A. O. Berglund’s illustrations combine a lush painterly sensibility with a darkly playful take on girlish fun and the remixing of fantasy with the everyday.