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The Way We Play, Fashionstory.Annelie CarlströmThe Way We Play, Fashionstory.Fashionstory "Together" for The Way We Play.  "You and I. We are like two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Sweet child of mine. Summer wears our heartbeat. Summer wears our memories. Summer carries our secrets and joy. I will cherish it forever and ever for the both of us. Together. Sweet child of mine." See the story HERE!
Sanna Svedestedt, Jewellery artist.Annelie CarlströmSanna Svedestedt, Jewellery artist.Ongoing project with jewellery artist Sanna Svedestedt. The project BRAID.STONE.NEEDLE is a collaboration between Annelie Carlström and Jewellery artist Sanna Svedestedt. The project contains several images and jewellery made in naturally tanned leather.
Spirit Magazine.Annelie CarlströmSpirit Magazine.Work for a french magazine called Spirit. The illustrations are made for an health section and is based on the classic tale about a race between a turtle and a rabbit.
Girl With Jacket, Soloshow at Snickarbacken 7.Annelie CarlströmGirl With Jacket, Soloshow at Snickarbacken 7."Girl with jacket" is one of 19 Illustrations exhibited at Snickarbacken 7 between the 1/3 to the 31/4 2018. "Annelie will show her serie based on imaginary portraits of mothers and daughters. In the exhibition you will also see illustrations with the theme animal and nature  and some fashion illustration."
Arket, Packaging.Annelie CarlströmArket, Packaging.Illustrations for Arket.The illustrations of vegetables and fruits were put on the packages of glass bowls that comes in different sizes.
Arket, Packaging.Annelie CarlströmArket, Packaging.Illustrations for Arket. The illustrations of amaryllis onions were put on the packages of vases that comes in two different sizes.
Morten Postrup, Bookillustration.Annelie CarlströmMorten Postrup, Bookillustration.Illustrations to the new book ”Journalistik och content marketing” by Morten Postrup and Star space Agency.
Fokus, Editorial.Annelie CarlströmFokus, Editorial.Illustration to Fokus Magazine. Ralph Lauren celebrates 50 years in business so there for Fokus is writing about Ralph and his development of The Ivy Look!
Anicura, Advertising.Annelie CarlströmAnicura, Advertising.Dogs and cats for Anicura-Djursjukhusgruppen which are a group of animal hospitals across Scandinavia. The illustrations will be used on the walls inside the hospitals, on packages of their own food and candy and  on their website.  Agency: BAS
Dagens Nyheter, Roy Andersson.Annelie CarlströmDagens Nyheter, Roy Andersson.The swedish film maker Roy Andersson won a Gold Lion in Venice for his new movie " En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron". In Dagens Nyheter you can read about Roy and his inspirational world which among others include Goya, Rembrandt, Onkel Vanja, Luis Bunuel and Dostojevskij!
Poet Shauna Hannibal, Bookcover.Annelie CarlströmPoet Shauna Hannibal, Bookcover.Illustration to a bookcover for the american poet Shauna Hannibal. "I'M SO HOT BUT I'LL BE WAY HOTTER Standing here worried  About everybody's emotions Immaculate panties Lacy with expectation My head full of owls."
Alice In Wonderland, Random House PublishingAnnelie CarlströmAlice In Wonderland, Random House PublishingBookcover for Alice’s adventures in wonderland. Client: Vintage Children Classic, Random House.
Vi Läser, Jan Lööf.Annelie CarlströmVi Läser, Jan Lööf.To each issue of magazine Vi Läser I make a portrait of an author and their favorite word. Above you can see Jan Lööf.
First Aid Kit, Way Out West, Rädda Barnen.Annelie CarlströmFirst Aid Kit, Way Out West, Rädda Barnen.Print for different products made for First Aid Kit. The Limited edition products was sold at Way Out West 2012 and the profit went to Save The Children. Nominated in Kolla! 2013.
Apoliva, Packaging.Annelie CarlströmApoliva, Packaging.Illustration to Apoliva's new summer fragrance Lily of the Valley. Comes as a shower gel and body lotion. Agency: Brand Union
Dagens Nyheter, booksummer.Annelie CarlströmDagens Nyheter, booksummer.Illustrations to essay's by Kerstin Ekman, Tom Malmqvist, Märta Tikkanen, Khashayar Naderehvandi and Cilla Naumann. "In this summers 'Boksommar' serie Dagens Nyheter has invited five interesting writers to share their thoughts about friendship under the name BFF - Best Friends forever inspired by Elena Ferrantes novel My Brilliant Friend."
In The Forest, Personal work.Annelie CarlströmIn The Forest, Personal work.Pattern project inspired by traditional scandinavian wool embroidery.
Period Magazine, Editorial work.Annelie CarlströmPeriod Magazine, Editorial work.Illustrations to issue nr 3 of Period Magazine. The issue have the theme "Girlcrush" and is made by the fantastic photographer Lena Modigh
Annelie Carlström

Annelie Carlström

Annelie is an illustrator/artist that lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. She graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2007 after several years of art-studies, ever since she has been working as a full-time illustrator. She works in pencil and makes detailed illustrations which are a mix of naturalism and naivism, seriousness and humor.

Selected Clients: Apoliva, Arket, HSBC, Dagens Nyheter, & Other Stories, Plaza Deco, Bon Magazine, The Sunday Times, Minimarket, H&M, Monki, Fokus, Arkitekten, Garant/Hemköp, Random House Publishing, Moderna Museet, De Volkskrant Magazine, The Way We Play, First Aid Kit, DV-mode, Vi Läser, Amnesty International, Elle Singapore, Het Parool, Norstedts, Anicura-Djursjukhusgruppen, Metro.