Annika Huett portfolio

Operation SmileAnnika HuettOperation SmileAnimation for Operation Smile for Valentine's Day.
cat patternAnnika Huettcat patternCONNECTIT NEW YEARS CARDS DESIGN, JPN
Nature's pantry, Köksalmenack Semic publisher Annika HuettNature's pantry, Köksalmenack Semic publisher Illustrated Monthwords in Köksalmenack 2020
BollnäsfilAnnika HuettBollnäsfilCross-stitch embroidered text and decorations for ads for Bollnäsfil.
ModefiéAnnika HuettModefiéCover illustration for Modefié, roman, publisher Grasset Fr
Rensa, organisera och inred Annika HuettRensa, organisera och inred Cover and insert for the book Clear, organize and decorate, for a life in balance and harmony. Semic publishing house
Women by women, Link on Art, NYCAnnika HuettWomen by women, Link on Art, NYCCelebrating Women´s history mounth in NYC
roadside ÖlandAnnika Huettroadside ÖlandSwaying flowers in the wall branch as animation
Coop, MersmakAnnika HuettCoop, MersmakIllustration for Coop Mer Smak summer supplement, vacation with Coop's partners.
Brabo, Haga NorraAnnika HuettBrabo, Haga NorraMaps for the residential area Haga Norra in Solna.
Afternoon TeaAnnika HuettAfternoon TeaPattern Afternoon Tea, made for ICL, Japan for travel items, bags, umbrellas etc.
Urban Escape live paintingAnnika HuettUrban Escape live painting Live painting at an opening event at Urban Escape, Stockholm.
The Historyjourney, AlfabetaAnnika HuettThe Historyjourney, AlfabetaThe Historyjourney, a crooked story about Sweden for 1000 years. Factbook for middle school children, written by Ebba Svennung and Chiristoffer Rönnbäck, illustrated by Annika Huett, published by Alphabeta 2019.
Primeur, towels ÅhlensAnnika HuettPrimeur, towels ÅhlensPatterns for kitchen towels for Åhlens. Primers and S.O.S. butter, cheese and herring
The New YorkerAnnika HuettThe New YorkerBermuda map for The New Yorker
A country to visit, Government OfficesAnnika HuettA country to visit, Government OfficesIllustration for Government Offices, web and the book A country to visit, a comprehensive policy for sustainable tourism and growing tourism.
Map Sollentuna municipalityAnnika HuettMap Sollentuna municipalityMap for Sollentuna municipality.
Sauces, 30 delicious dollopsAnnika HuettSauces, 30 delicious dollopsWhole Illustrated cookbook with Dips, published at Kakao Publishers, together with Annika Edestrand.
Annika Huett

Annika Huett

My name is Annika Huett and works as an illustrator in Stockholm. I have more than 20 years experience as a freelancer and work with customers in Sweden, England, Germany, the US, Asia and others. Examples of clients include ICA, Scandic Hotels, Prima Children and Youth Psychiatry, Save the Children, the Museum of Architecture, the Medical Association, Max Ström, Raben & Sjogren, Semic, Hodder & Stoughton UK, Norton, UK. I work on assignments via my Swedish agent: Agent Molly and through the Art Department of the United States. I also work on own projects, such as books and exhibitions. And public decorations like murals and mosaics. My illustration style is simple and colorful (with few colors). I mix thin nervy lines painted surfaces, sometimes with words listed. I often work with decorative motifs, foodillustrationer and portraits. But also with drafting texts and books. I draw and paint by hand and then puts together the images in Photoshop.
I have published own books: Pergola Tombola Picnic, published by Atlantis.
Your mother do not work here – cross stitch again by Annika Huett, Nature & Culture.
Swedish Details, published by Max Power. As published in Japan and the United States.
Swedish Details Gardens, edited by Max Power.
Åkerbo seven siblings, four floors. Published by Rabén & Sjögren.

I also have both written and illustrated: Åkerbo sju syskon fyra våningar. Published by Raben & Sjögren. Which is a chapterbook for 6-9 year olds.