Anthony Tian portfolio

North Of Sweden, t-shirt print.Anthony TianNorth Of Sweden, t-shirt print.A t-shirt for North Of Sweden.
Ice fishing, my project.Anthony TianIce fishing, my project.Ice fishing rod.
Lemmel Kaffe, poster.Anthony TianLemmel Kaffe, poster.A poster for Lemmel Kaffe.
My project, Feurhand lantern.Anthony TianMy project, Feurhand lantern.I made a poster.
MoraknivAnthony TianMoraknivT-shirt print for Morakniv.
Sikholm, poster.Anthony TianSikholm, poster.A poster for Sikholm.
StoveAnthony TianStoveAn outdoor stove.
Sikholm, poster.Anthony TianSikholm, poster.A poster for Sikholm.
Sikholm, soap.Anthony TianSikholm, soap.I designed this soap package for Sikholm.
Seamless pattern, my project.Anthony TianSeamless pattern, my project.A seamless pattern with cooking products.
Fish poster, my project.Anthony TianFish poster, my project.I made a poster with some fishes. I call this "under the ice".
ApplesAnthony TianApplesApples in colors.
Anthony Tian
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Anthony Tian

I live in a cabin 100km above the polar circle, deep in the Swedish forest. My work is inspired by distressed mid-century spot and line illustrations with a lot of texture, grit, grunge and grain. Love branding, typography, objects and posters.