Astrid Linnéa Andersson portfolio

Grapevine, illustrations - flavoursAstrid Linnéa AnderssonGrapevine, illustrations - flavoursIllustrations for magazine Grapevine about choosing wine after different flavours of food
Grapevine, illustrationAstrid Linnéa AnderssonGrapevine, illustrationIllustration for magazine Grapevine, about choosing wine after flavor of food
Personal work "The garden"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal work "The garden"Personal work, pencil on paper
Grapes, illustration for GrapevineAstrid Linnéa AnderssonGrapes, illustration for GrapevineGrapes, illustration for Grapevine magazine. Different kinds and tastes.
Personal Work "Leaning"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal Work "Leaning"personal project
Grapevin, illustration "Wine & dessert"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonGrapevin, illustration "Wine & dessert"Illustration on a text in the magazine where a sommelier gives pointers on which wine to pair with which dessert
Personal work: "Rose-red"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal work: "Rose-red"Personal project
Personal work, "Animal bouquet"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal work, "Animal bouquet"Personal illustration 
Personal project "Mountains"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal project "Mountains"Mountains - personal project
Personal work "Monstera monster growth GIF"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal work "Monstera monster growth GIF"A gif showing the growth pattern of monstera deliciosa
Poster for Kulturen museum "Dressed Up"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPoster for Kulturen museum "Dressed Up"Poster artwork for new exhibition on womens fashion at museum Kulturen in Lund, 2017
Personal work "The laboratory"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal work "The laboratory"Personal illustration
Studio Angered - book designAstrid Linnéa AnderssonStudio Angered - book designGraphic design and illustrations of the book Studio Angered. Studio Angered documents a public art project which took place at Angereds Närsjukhus. The project was carried out and initiated by studio Naïvité and run by curator Henrik Sputnes together with artist Alina Chaiderov. Studio Angered worked as a pop up art studio for free artistic and co-creation by young people.
Film poster "Mother Knows Best"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonFilm poster "Mother Knows Best"Filmaffisch för kortfilmen MAMMA VET BÄST. Illustration och grafisk form.
Gjutet! Illustration fod DISK- Designer i SkåneAstrid Linnéa AnderssonGjutet! Illustration fod DISK- Designer i SkåneIllustration for a concrete-workshop followed by an exhibition, arranged by DISK- Designer i Skåne
Personal projekt "Blue girl (Matisse girl)"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal projekt "Blue girl (Matisse girl)"Personal work
Personal work "All of the animals"Astrid Linnéa AnderssonPersonal work "All of the animals"Personaj project, poster. 
Astrid Linnéa Andersson

Astrid Linnéa Andersson

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