Astrid Sterngren portfolio

Tiger on a bikeAstrid SterngrenTiger on a bikePersonal projekt
ForestguyAstrid SterngrenForestguyPersonal Work
FoxAstrid SterngrenFoxPersonal Projekt
DragonAstrid SterngrenDragonPersonal Work
WrinklesAstrid SterngrenWrinklesPersonal Work
NetEnt, Asgardian StonesAstrid SterngrenNetEnt, Asgardian StonesConcept art and background for the game Asgardian Stones which I worked on with my team at NetEnt. You can find the finished game here:
BearAstrid SterngrenBearPersonal Project
ChildAstrid SterngrenChildPersonal Project
AntropomorfishAstrid SterngrenAntropomorfishSpeedpainting 3h
SleepAstrid SterngrenSleepPersonal work
Down the rabbitholeAstrid SterngrenDown the rabbitholeAlice's Adventures in Wonderland, book project for Little Fox Publishing, Melbourne.
The sea of tearsAstrid SterngrenThe sea of tearsAlice's Adventures in Wonderland, book project for Little Fox Publishing, Melbourne.
Astrid SterngrenPoster for the club All Out Dubsteps dj-battle with Dubstep Bastards
Lundabryggeriet, Röde Orm, beer labelAstrid SterngrenLundabryggeriet, Röde Orm, beer labelLundabryggeriet, Röde Orm, beer label
All OutAstrid SterngrenAll OutPoster for the club All Out Dubsteps 4 year birthday bash.
RoseAstrid SterngrenRosePersonal project
Astrid Sterngren

Astrid Sterngren

Hello I'm Astrid and I work with illustration, game development and graphic design. I work with several different styles and like to adapt my style to fit the purpose.

For me storytelling is the most important part of any project and in the future I'd like to illustrate a storybook and work more with games.

If you want to see my CV please contact me and I'll send it to you!