Bie Erenurm portfolio

Bie Erenurm

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Bie Erenurm. Drawing and scetching is for me a way of experience and register momentarily what´s going on. With the pen in my hand, another way of seeing opens up. If it is to be in the so called reality, in the courtroom or at theatre. The pics can be worked on, changed, given another meaning or fortified the given meaning.

What part of your creative work do you like the most?

I like to go out an draw directly on a place! Spontanous and fresh, immidiate. Like catching new ideas. One of my new ideas is to srat up a small Cellar gallery in Tallinn where I spend a lot of my time. This opens up the possibility to do my own exhibitions whenever I want, and to participate in the art scene in other premises

What’s your idea of the perfect job project?

To work with someone on the long run, someone who like myself is not looking for perfecion, but simplicity and spontaneity. Reality is not there for us only to make it more beautiful! I´d love to do charicatures of politicians! I love nature also! Can I draw it for you?