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Swimming competition, finish area map, 2018 Björn LundkvistSwimming competition, finish area map, 2018 Vansbrosimningen, swimming competition.
Lidingöloppet, Tunnelrun 2017Björn LundkvistLidingöloppet, Tunnelrun 2017Running through the train tunnel from Karolinska to Medborgarplatsen, Stockholm 2017.
Summerhouse on the swedish west coastBjörn LundkvistSummerhouse on the swedish west coastIllustration for marketing of summerhouses on the swedish west coast.
HSB, mapsBjörn LundkvistHSB, mapsMaps/illustrations to sell appartments
Floods Trähus, illustration of a homeBjörn LundkvistFloods Trähus, illustration of a homePerspective illustration of a home.  
Floods Trähus, illustration planningBjörn LundkvistFloods Trähus, illustration planningFloods Trähus, illustration planning
Ruds Gård, facade illustrationBjörn LundkvistRuds Gård, facade illustrationRuds Gård, facade illustration of new building in Karlstad.
Jönköping Municipality, map of ÖsterängenBjörn LundkvistJönköping Municipality, map of ÖsterängenThe map illustration was printed on a sign.
Swedish transport administration, traffic informationBjörn LundkvistSwedish transport administration, traffic informationTraffic information
Kungbäck properties, map illustration 2012Björn LundkvistKungbäck properties, map illustration 2012Illustration for marketing of properties in Kungsvik, Bohuslän, Sweden.
LRF, illustrations, 2011Björn LundkvistLRF, illustrations, 2011Illustrations describing drains and filtration in the countryside.
Norrtälje municipality, Illustration, 2013Björn LundkvistNorrtälje municipality, Illustration, 2013Bird's eye view over the harbour in Norrtälje, 19th century.
Uppsala municipality/Swedish transport administration, illustration Uppsala train station, 2009Björn LundkvistUppsala municipality/Swedish transport administration, illustration Uppsala train station, 2009Bird's eye view over Uppsala train station.
Stockholm water, illustration new sewage networkBjörn LundkvistStockholm water, illustration new sewage networkNew sewage network in Stockholm.
Tunnelrun, illustration 2014Björn LundkvistTunnelrun, illustration 2014Tunnelrun, 33 635 participants. nice to show them were to run.
Upsala Nya Tidning, illustration "UNT-cupen", 2011Björn LundkvistUpsala Nya Tidning, illustration "UNT-cupen", 2011Illustration showing all youth activities arranged by UNT every year.
Vallonbruk i Uppland, illustration, 2014Björn LundkvistVallonbruk i Uppland, illustration, 2014The Wallon ironworks were built and established in the 17th century in nothern Uppland, central Sweden. In these days more a place for cultural activities.
The foundation Husbyringen, map, 2013Björn LundkvistThe foundation Husbyringen, map, 2013View over Husbyringen, southern Dalarna.
Björn Lundkvist
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Björn Lundkvist

I started my career as an illustrator in 1986 and I still love every day.