Camilla Carp portfolio

Camilla CarpAcrylic painting commissioned by a private person
Camilla CarpFor a antirök campaign in a school
Camilla CarpLogo image for Jolleskolan in Stockholm
Camilla CarpAcrylic painting commissioned by a private person
Camilla CarpSlides of Dialect
Camilla CarpAn advertising production for Nordea
Camilla CarpOH illustration of a bank
Camilla CarpFirewall - a symbol for an IT company
Camilla CarpAny form of advertising for VaccinDirekt
Camilla CarpChristmas card for Internet Academy
Camilla CarpIP-Solutions Course Catalog
Camilla CarpWedding cards
Camilla CarpPoster for the Mind Games of Loeld presenterar AB
Camilla CarpHomepage for VaccinDirekt, see
Camilla CarpLogo and Business Cards
Camilla Carp
070-755 21 04

Camilla Carp

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Camilla Carp and is a designer, illustrator and sculptor. Today work largely to its own customers; Layout and original of all advertising works, illustration including OH's or websites, layout and production of websites, profile fitting, custom design and sewing of garments and last but not least, my sculptures.

Do you feel like you have developed in your work?

During the years I become more and more of a JACK OF ALL TRADES when I had the pleasure of working with clients who dared to go for me in spite of a self-taught background. Have thus been developed in many areas.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I have learned to be very responsive and adaptive to customer needs without it being necessary to make too big setback to my artistic ambitions. With a positive attitude and a great deal of self-distance, I am both resistant to criticism and easygoing to work with.