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Camilla Högberg

Camilla Högberg

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Camilla Högberg and I freelance as a passionate illustrator, visual artist and graphic designer. Engaged in everything from acrylic paintings, drawings to digital visual art. Creativity is constantly flowing in me and I love trying new things, ideas and techniques. I am constantly trying new mediums and programs. Takes orders and assignments from customers, both private and companies. Has made illustrations for magazines and patterns for fabrics. Logos to associations and companies. As sign language is my first language, I have received many assignments that are about sign language, visual communication or body language. It's great fun. I love pictures with a lot of details so that you constantly find something new every time you look at the picture. I love both working independently but also in a team where you row in port a project or assignment.

What is important to you?

To normalize the flow! I want to see diversity, different types of people, different truths and realities as well as people with different challenges and functional variations. I myself have deafblindness and it is not an obstacle but rather the opposite – it makes me do my best in my work. As a deafblind artist, I challenge the norm and we need more people who challenge norms and create new perspectives and images to share with each other. Is basically a professional sociologist and meets all different types of amazing people and personalities.

What is your dream job?

I have several! To be able to create book covers, participate in more art exhibitions, to get assignments that generate new knowledge and experiences. There are no too small or large jobs!

What does your toolbox consist of?

Everything from acrylic, watercolor to ink on different types of surfaces. As a graphic artist / designer, it is Adobe's programs I am most at home with such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Gimp, Indesign. Procreate and Vectorize and more. Last but not least – always with a large portion of patience, humor and a cup of coffee!

The excitement in my creation is to have a vision and an expectation and then see what then actually happens.

I can be found on both Facebook and Instagram: 

Facebook: Camilla Högberg Konst & Design
Instagram: #bycamillahogberg