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Vasarna i VadstenaCarin LundbladVasarna i VadstenaEva Mattsson's book, Vasarna i Vadstena.
Logo Adolfsnäs HandelsträdgårdCarin LundbladLogo Adolfsnäs Handelsträdgård  The bumblebees are used for pollination in the garden's greenhouse and were therefore an obvious symbol of the business.
Foodtruck Gilroys Take awayCarin LundbladFoodtruck Gilroys Take awayGilroy's Take away, a food cart that sells yummy sandwiches. Here the design of the vehicle decoration, the color scheme should make the carriage visible but at the same time blend into the city's environment. The graphic expression modern and playful.
Label Knektens honeyCarin LundbladLabel Knektens honey  Transparent label for the honey to shine with its varying color during the summer.
Logo SolgårdenCarin LundbladLogo Solgården  Here I have chosen to make a typographic symbol. The ornaments in the symbol are taken from the pattern on sofa that is in one of the rooms at Solgården. This shape should also reflect the spirit of the time in the early 20th century with the Art Nouveau style and I also have an idea for embroidered pillowcases and sheets.
Folder Boställets vedugnsbageriCarin LundbladFolder Boställets vedugnsbageriFolder for Bostället's wood oven bakery, a presentation about the business.
Cards with the theme of love and careCarin LundbladCards with the theme of love and careSix different postcards with the theme of love and care, a collaboration with the printing company Alla Format, to be distributed in goodie bags during a customer activity at the city's retailers.
Labels Rosteriet VadstenaCarin LundbladLabels Rosteriet Vadstena  I have for some time worked with Rosteriet Vadstena and their packaging, here is an example of the first labels that were produced.
Coffee LabelsCarin Lundblad Coffee Labels  More examples of labels for Rosteriet's coffee.
FlowerCardsCarin Lundblad FlowerCards  Small double cards that fit in flower bouquets and on the gift package. Some have shapes from nature and some elements of Vadstena, my hometown.
Illustration foxCarin Lundblad Illustration fox  A tribute to our fox who snuck around our small town a few years ago.
Illustration rhubarbCarin Lundblad Illustration rhubarb  Illustration rhubarb
Logotyp Björkhaga inredningssnickeriCarin LundbladLogotyp Björkhaga inredningssnickeri  A logo where B got a profile that leads the idea to a facade strip on, for example, a frame.
Trashcan with function and unique patternCarin Lundblad Trashcan with function and unique pattern  In collaboration with FOX form & function, I developed this pattern which now adorns trash cans in Eksjö
Logotyp Skulpturpark VadstenaCarin LundbladLogotyp Skulpturpark Vadstena   
BrodyrkitCarin Lundblad BrodyrkitEmbroider your own saddle cover, project together with FOX form & function. I have produced patterns, instructions, packaging and marketing materials.
Logo and folder Tummens B & BCarin Lundblad Logo and folder Tummens B & B  Logo and folder for a mini B&B in Vadstena.
Map Sculpture Park VadstenaCarin LundbladMap Sculpture Park Vadstena  Map of Folkparken and its sculptures 2020.
Carin Lundblad

Carin Lundblad

Graphic designer and visual artist working in Vadstena. I work both as a freelance on behalf of various companies and with my own projects.