Carina Ståhlberg portfolio

Christmas cards, Christmasgirl and Christmas dog,Carina StåhlbergChristmas cards, Christmasgirl and Christmas dog,Christmas card originals, many more in store both unpublished and published for companies.
Tuva in the snowCarina StåhlbergTuva in the snowA children's book under progress, about waiting for the first snow and dreaming about snow monsters and playing in the snow. .
Childrens book about letters and the alphabet published by Shibstedts NorwayCarina StåhlbergChildrens book about letters and the alphabet published by Shibstedts NorwayA children's book about the alphabet and letter with many images and fun storys ppublished for Norway in first hand.
Mimmi valpen och branden , easy reading book published by Nypon. Carina StåhlbergMimmi valpen och branden , easy reading book published by Nypon. A childrens book about the girl Mimmi and her puppy. This is a cover illustration but the book also have several illustrations inside. There are moore books about Mimmi and the puppy all illustrated by me.
Matilda discovers new children's books 2016Carina StåhlbergMatilda discovers new children's books 2016A seier of books about Matilda that discovers differnet types of food. he first two books will be rrealised autmn 2016 is about "Matilda discover Tomatoe" and Matilda discover "Cor
Text book, englishCarina StåhlbergText book, englishText book, english illustrated for Studentlitteratur förlag Sweden 2015
Malva's December days, children's bookCarina StåhlbergMalva's December days, children's bookOne page from the book Malva's December days one image for every day 1-24.
A percet tree for Christmas, published in USA Nodin PressCarina StåhlbergA percet tree for Christmas, published in USA Nodin PressA perfect tree for Christmas, published in USA an nominated  as a finalist in Midwest book awards , children's books 2013.
Cats, patternCarina StåhlbergCats, patternPattern, Cats also available as a poster withthe handwritten text "CATS"
Children's book, Norge Schibsted förlagCarina StåhlbergChildren's book, Norge Schibsted förlagCover and images for the book about Norway for children, Schibsted förlag, Oslo
Eigon and the strong mother, IDUS förlagCarina StåhlbergEigon and the strong mother, IDUS förlagThe book is published 2015,, it's about the little tiny boy Eigon and he is always compeeting with his hopeless mother and she is very strong and hate to loose. A humoristic fun Children's book
Text book, Capellen Damm publisherCarina StåhlbergText book, Capellen Damm publisherImages from the book Kaleido, publisher Cappellen Damm
Illustrations for schort novelsCarina StåhlbergIllustrations for schort novelsIllustrations for two different short novells made for Aller Media in two different techniques , water colour and digital.
Food illustrations collegCarina StåhlbergFood illustrations collegCombination of novells for short novels and own food illustrations
Poster fashionCarina StåhlbergPoster fashionFashion illustrations
The Alphabeth Factory, children's book.Carina StåhlbergThe Alphabeth Factory, children's book.The Alphabet Factory English book
Information book for peoples that works with care for eldery peoplesCarina StåhlbergInformation book for peoples that works with care for eldery peoplesBookillustrations, Gothia publ.
Recycling, text book Carina StåhlbergRecycling, text book Collage om recyling/återbruk i biologi för högstadiet. Bilden tar upp olika former av transporter och återbruk som underlag till diskussioner.
Carina Ståhlberg
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Carina Ståhlberg

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Carina Ståhlberg and I work as an freelancing illustrator. Lliving in Falun, Dalarna but concider the whole world as my working field. I love my work and it is a kind of life style…

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

Keeping my deadlines and can give suggestions and ideas for the assignment and I am a nice and creative person to work with.

What are you working with right now?

I am working with a childrens' book togheter with an American writer from Minneapolis among other projects as text books for several  publishers in Sweden.