Caroline Sellstone portfolio

PwC – digital graphic recordingCaroline SellstonePwC – digital graphic recordingDigital graphic recording med PwC under en ledarskapsutbildning för toppledare inom offentlig sektor.
Telge network and recyclingCaroline Sellstone Telge network and recycling  One of six images that visualize Telge's business plan. Vector graphics in Illustrator.
Graphic recording – SidaCaroline SellstoneGraphic recording – Sida  Analog graphic recording with Sida partnership forum. About 6 meters of paper during a 2.5 day event.
Art recording – SwedbankCaroline SellstoneArt recording – Swedbank  Art recording on a conference day with Swedbank. Acrylic and pencil on canvas. About 120x80 meters.
Graphic recordning – CancerfondenCaroline SellstoneGraphic recordning – CancerfondenAnalog graphic recording with the Cancer Foundation and GenPep during Järva Week - 19.
Graphic recording – HoudiniCaroline SellstoneGraphic recording – HoudiniDigital graphic recording with 3 Step IT and Houdini. 
Annalisa och skräpmonstretCaroline SellstoneAnnalisa och skräpmonstretIllustrations to a childrens book. 
Children's book, "Annalisa and the birthday present", 2017Caroline SellstoneChildren's book, "Annalisa and the birthday present", 2017A book about Annalisa to fill 6 years. In this book, she is thinking of the girl sitting outside the store every day as Annalisa passes by her parents Kim and Kay.
Stockholm city, parent brochure, 2018Caroline SellstoneStockholm city, parent brochure, 2018  On behalf of Blomqvist communication, Caroline has performed illustrations for a parental brochure for Stockholm city.
Tyresö vision and control processCaroline SellstoneTyresö vision and control process  Illustration and animation of Tyresö's vision and control process. Illustration in Illustrator and animation in After Effects. Editing in Premiere Pro.
Wundies – underwear that keeps you dryCaroline SellstoneWundies – underwear that keeps you dry  A drawn and animated video about functional underwear in case of urine leakage for women and men. Illustrations, editing, coice-over and music.
Svenskt Kött, illustrerad film 2017Caroline SellstoneSvenskt Kött, illustrerad film 2017En av tre stycken filmer som är illustrerad och animerad till Svenskt Kötts kampanj i sociala medier 2017. Caroline ritade storyboards gjorde illustrationer, animerade och klippte sedan filmen i Premiere Pro. 
Riksteatern – Länk 18Caroline SellstoneRiksteatern – Länk 18  An illustration for a book cover which is an anthology with six pieces. The client is Riksteatern. Caroline has mixed graphite and ink on paper that is scanned and then colored in photoshop.
SFH, "Highsensitive child", 2017Caroline SellstoneSFH, "Highsensitive child", 2017An illustration to the Swedish Association for Highly Sensitive Persons ( that shows the high-sensitivity child.
Personal Work, "See hear speak nothing evil", 2017Caroline SellstonePersonal Work, "See hear speak nothing evil", 2017See hear speak no evil. The birds are drawn to love, away from the forest where there is "evil". The woman gives FU to the evil. A mixed media illustration with graphite on paper, scanned and colored in Photoshop.
Berghs SoC, "My special place", 2016Caroline SellstoneBerghs SoC, "My special place", 2016School assignment during the illustration training at Berghs SoC 2016. We would make a picture where we live. This is Haninge.
Berghs SoC, "rocknrollkitchen", 2016Caroline SellstoneBerghs SoC, "rocknrollkitchen", 2016School assignment at Bergs SoC. 1 image of 3 to a fictional supplier of potential products. We would illustrate a delicious breakfast or morning.
Berghs SoC, "Mother animal", 2017Caroline SellstoneBerghs SoC, "Mother animal", 2017Tasks for Bergs SoC 2016, conceptual design into a fictional department store.
Caroline Sellstone

Caroline Sellstone

Caroline Sellstone is an illustrator, graphic recorder and an artist. As a graphic recorder, she makes visual summaries of events, presentations and workshops. She mixes artistisc spirit with creative solutions, a business mindset and focus on sales. With curiosity she concretises your problem to educational illustrations. Caroline works both analogously and digitally. 


Caroline also makes animated films. Both in vector graphics and drawn timelapse films as information films.

Caroline has previous experience as a Marketing Communicator in various sectors and can look at the process from a broader perspective. She has a degree in Illustration at Berghs SoC and Graphic Project Management at Stockholm University.