Caroline Tinterova portfolio

Dalahorses and KurbitsCaroline TinterovaDalahorses and KurbitsProduct design - Dalahorses and Kurbits for Cindor AB.
Parfume - illustration for label and packagingCaroline TinterovaParfume - illustration for label and packagingIllustration and design for label and packaging. Linda Landenberg Parfums
Fight CoronaCaroline TinterovaFight CoronaIllustration made to spread love.
Dalahorse Floral - NapkinholderCaroline TinterovaDalahorse Floral - NapkinholderIllustration, design and product.
Mediterranean deliCaroline TinterovaMediterranean deliVector illustration 
Fruit and BerriesCaroline TinterovaFruit and BerriesIllustrations for packaging.
Polyglutt - Illustrations for ILTCaroline TinterovaPolyglutt - Illustrations for ILTIllustration, form and original for ILT reading service picture book service Polyglutt. The characters appear in the books "A book about books", "A book in the spring", "A book at Christmas time". They are also available as pearl plate, seed bags, soft toys etc.
Lakritsmysteriet - Layout and IllustrationCaroline TinterovaLakritsmysteriet - Layout and IllustrationChildrens book/ Löv & Craig Förlag( Everlasting Publisher)
LogotypeCaroline TinterovaLogotypeLogotype - Vpr, Dsp Skötselpärmar, Lme AB, CA, Nordanstigs Konstförening.
DigitalisationCaroline TinterovaDigitalisationDigitalisation of Gucci and Dove products made for
On-The-RoadCaroline TinterovaOn-The-RoadIllustration for Barnängen Campain instore and for web.
HelsingenCaroline TinterovaHelsingenHelsingen / A living traditions project
Guide, Vagabond, SmithCaroline TinterovaGuide, Vagabond, SmithCharacters for swedish company in Bergslagen. Not Published.
Rubus chamaemorusCaroline TinterovaRubus chamaemorusRubus chamaemorus made for labels
Magic forestCaroline TinterovaMagic forestAkvarell skapad på begäran av kund.
Aquarelle painting - DragonflyCaroline TinterovaAquarelle painting - DragonflyAquarelle painting from the exhibition Open Studio - Art tour, Nordanstig
PortraitCaroline TinterovaPortraitAquarelle portrait
Huset MittCaroline TinterovaHuset MittSchibsted books with stickers
Caroline Tinterova

Caroline Tinterova

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