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Merry Christmas!Cecilia NaboMerry Christmas!En julhälsning till kund 2017
Personal work, "Right out of the pen"Cecilia NaboPersonal work, "Right out of the pen"To challenge my skill without having any plan or idea beforehand. Just letting the pen go over the paper as the mind desides to go along, with what ever I'm able to create.
Edition Natur & Kultur, Childrens school books learning to read.Cecilia NaboEdition Natur & Kultur, Childrens school books learning to read.From a book serie - edition Natur och Kultur
Personal work, "The great hero".Cecilia NaboPersonal work, "The great hero".The great hero
Editor Bonniers - Childrens book - easy text to readCecilia NaboEditor Bonniers - Childrens book - easy text to readSelma, Godis och Lissabon in Göteborg written by Carina Lidbom, Bonnier Utbildning.
Bonnier Utbildning - "Svikten" - Books in mathematics Cecilia NaboBonnier Utbildning - "Svikten" - Books in mathematics Illustration for "Svikten", Mathematics serie school-year 1-3
Bonnier Utbildning - "Svikten" - MatematikCecilia NaboBonnier Utbildning - "Svikten" - MatematikIllustration for "Svikten", Mathematics serie school-year 1-3
GOTHIA Edition - bookCecilia NaboGOTHIA Edition - bookZanna looks for answers - a book about important questions, Inger Ekbom, Edition GOTHIA
Bonnier Utbildning, Sanoma Utbildning, Mathematic serialCecilia NaboBonnier Utbildning, Sanoma Utbildning, Mathematic serialMathematic serial, book covers, editor Bonnier Utbildning, Sanoma Utbildning
SCA Hygiene Products - bookCecilia NaboSCA Hygiene Products - book"Ella och gänget stoppar smittan" childrens book - SCA Hygiene Products 2012
Personal work, nightwalkerCecilia NaboPersonal work, nightwalkerThe nightwalker
Personal Work - Simson, always get's it his wayCecilia NaboPersonal Work - Simson, always get's it his waySimson, always get's it his way. Say the things you don't do for the family sweetheart.
Personal work - "Let it be a secret"Cecilia NaboPersonal work - "Let it be a secret"Trying out new watercolor paper or a brush, sometimes things happens, and it stays there.
Personal work - "Look out downhill"Cecilia NaboPersonal work - "Look out downhill"Every year I make some sort of Christmas greeting. In the beginning I printed them on a exklusive paper, put them in a envelope and went to the postoffice. Nowadays I simply make a pdf and spread by email as much as I can.
Cecilia Nabo
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Cecilia Nabo

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

To create in many ways, pictures for children and books for young one's. In watercolour and computer or other techniques.

What does your work table tell us about you?

I have many things going on.

What’s a usual day like at your job?

Sitting in front of the computer or at my workingtable, working while listening to a cd-book. Coffeebreak at 10 is inportant.