Cecilia Torudd

Cecilia Torudd

Cecilia Torudd was born in 1942 in Lund, Sweden, and was educated at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. In the 1970s she began to make illustrations and draw comic strips in Kamratposten, a magazine for children, with stories about the adventures of a worm called Karl-Putte, and Family life about funny everyday situations in an ordinary family.

Her most famous comic strip is The single mother which began to appear as a daily strip in Sweden’s biggest broadsheet newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, in October 1985. This was the breakthrough that really made Cecilia Torudd’s name.

Cecilia Torudd uses traditional techniques to produce her pictures. Readers of all ages appreciate her simple, effective style of drawing, where body language and movements are most important, and her straight storytelling and recognisable everyday humour. Her characters carry emotions, moods and feelings and readers can easily identify with them. A primary characteristic is her solidarity with children. 

Cecilia Torudd has also illustrated a wide range of non-fiction works and is well-known for her numerous illustrated books for children, with her own texts and with other authors. She has written two books and two stage plays for an adult audience and is well known for her columns, satire, and cartoons in Swedish papers and magazines. In 2008, the Swedish Post Office honoured her career as a comic strip drawer with a postage stamp.