Christina Andersson portfolio

Illustration for magazineChristina AnderssonIllustration for magazineEditorial 
Editorial illustration/ KommunalarbetarenChristina AnderssonEditorial illustration/ KommunalarbetarenBibliotherapy
Energy left after work/ Illustration made for AurisChristina AnderssonEnergy left after work/ Illustration made for AurisEditorial illustration
Cover for magazineChristina AnderssonCover for magazineTeachers teaching teachers
Autumnvibes!Christina AnderssonAutumnvibes!Self-promotion!
Editorial illustration for LIVE LifeChristina AnderssonEditorial illustration for LIVE LifeIllustration to article about stomach gas and food.
The importance of physical enviroment/Illustration for The Swedish Society of NursingChristina AnderssonThe importance of physical enviroment/Illustration for The Swedish Society of NursingEditorial illustration
Hemma i HSB IllustrationChristina AnderssonHemma i HSB IllustrationEditorial illustration Hemma i HSB
Illustrations cover/FSAChristina AnderssonIllustrations cover/FSAIllustrations made for Association of Occupational Therapy
Coverillustration/magazineChristina AnderssonCoverillustration/magazineWorking day and night/shift work Idea/KA
Care to support learning/ illustration FörskoletidningenChristina AnderssonCare to support learning/ illustration FörskoletidningenIllustration to magazine Care to support learning
Time together gives hope for recovery/ Illustration OmvårdnadsmagasinetChristina AnderssonTime together gives hope for recovery/ Illustration OmvårdnadsmagasinetResearch/Psychiatric care Illustration to magazine
Illustration EditorialChristina AnderssonIllustration EditorialIllustration The teaching nurse Swenurse
Sweden Radio What is modern time?Christina AnderssonSweden Radio What is modern time?Sweden Radio 
Illustration Swedish Radio, SR P2 DocumentaryChristina AnderssonIllustration Swedish Radio, SR P2 DocumentaryIllustration P2 Documentary, Swedish Radio.  About people behind the music.
Auris Time for a selfieChristina AnderssonAuris Time for a selfieTest of mobile phones
ICA /BookChristina AnderssonICA /BookFood recipes from Dalarna/Book
Allergia Illustrations for magazineChristina AnderssonAllergia Illustrations for magazineStep by step/Illustrations Allergia
Christina Andersson
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Christina Andersson

Curiosity and the need to be creative drives me to develop as an illustrator .

Began freelancing in 1997 after training at the College of Arts in Stockholm, with exchange semesters at the Rhode Island School of Design / illustrationdep .

From concept and sketch on paper I draw the illustration in Illustrator & Photoshop.

Among my clients are a perfect mix.