Christina Hägerfors portfolio

Own project, "apple blossom"Christina HägerforsOwn project, "apple blossom"Inspired by milk cartons from my childhood, their colour codes and kurbits.
Own Project: "Roseanna"Christina HägerforsOwn Project: "Roseanna"A tribute to Svenolov Ehrén.
Own Project, "Athena"Christina HägerforsOwn Project, "Athena"Own project, poster art.
The New York Times, "How the West Turns on Itself"Christina HägerforsThe New York Times, "How the West Turns on Itself"About the risks for democracy and the fading influence of the United Statas.
Own project, "The mallard"Christina HägerforsOwn project, "The mallard"Wanted to create a very summery image.
Viaplay, "Avatars"Christina HägerforsViaplay, "Avatars"A selection of avatars made for a more personalized experience when you log in to your account.
Food alphabetChristina HägerforsFood alphabetI like alphabets and food.
Own project, "Värmland"Christina HägerforsOwn project, "Värmland"Värmland has a special place in my heart.
Cover, Unionen, "Tech and Health"Christina HägerforsCover, Unionen, "Tech and Health"Tech is supposed to make us healthier, but is it?
Uttryck, lärarförbundetstidning, "Time for education"Christina HägerforsUttryck, lärarförbundetstidning, "Time for education"About the importance of creativity in school for learning.
The New York Times, "Beijing Hinders Free Speech in America"Christina HägerforsThe New York Times, "Beijing Hinders Free Speech in America"About chinese influence on the right to free speech in the United Stats.
Cover, Uttryck, Lärarförbundets tidning, "Time for Learning"Christina HägerforsCover, Uttryck, Lärarförbundets tidning, "Time for Learning"About the importance of creativity in schools for better learning.
PTK, "Take your Spot!"Christina HägerforsPTK, "Take your Spot!"A selection from a number of illustrations for PTK, about feeling confident to take a spot inte the company board.
Own project, "Flowers in her hair"Christina HägerforsOwn project, "Flowers in her hair"Testing out some shapes and colours.
The New York Times, "Aung San Suu Kyi’s Wishful Peace"Christina HägerforsThe New York Times, "Aung San Suu Kyi’s Wishful Peace"About Aung San Suu Kyi´s failed peace initiative.
PAH-forum, "Living with PAH"Christina HägerforsPAH-forum, "Living with PAH"Illustrations about living with pulmonary hypertension.
Own project, "sardines"Christina HägerforsOwn project, "sardines"Mediterranean apero.
Amelia, "Horoscope, virgo"Christina HägerforsAmelia, "Horoscope, virgo"An example, virgo, from a collection of illustrations.
Christina Hägerfors

Christina Hägerfors

Since I was little I dreamt of becoming an illustrator and to work with print and I educated myself in Illustration at the London College of Communication.

From Värmland, Sweden, now lives in Bordeaux.

My images are colourful and a bit nostalgic. I have often had to solve how to convey a complicated text in an image. I work well in Photoshop.

Clients include: Amelia, Arbetsförmedlingen, Bromma flygplats, Chefstidningen, Cosmopolitan, Författaren, The Guardian, IKON, Lärarförbundet, Mitsubishi, Make your Mark, The New York Times, PAH-forum, PTK, Relevans, Svenska Tecknare, Sveriges Lantbruksuniversitet, Time Out, Unionen, Viaplay amongst others.