Christina Heitmann portfolio

Book illustration, BarnombudsmannenChristina HeitmannBook illustration, Barnombudsmannen.
The brain and the nervous system, book illustrationChristina HeitmannThe brain and the nervous system, book illustrationThe brain and the nervous system. Illustration for the book Känslosmart, Norstedts 2019. 
Book illustrations, NorstedtsChristina HeitmannBook illustrations, NorstedtsEmotions, illustrations for the book Känslosmart. Published by Norstedts 2019.
Cover illustration -BarnombudsmannenChristina HeitmannCover illustration -BarnombudsmannenCover illustration for Barnombudsmannen. 
Illustration book cover, Uppdrag AnhörigChristina HeitmannIllustration book cover, Uppdrag AnhörigIllustration, book cover / Anhörigas Riksförbund 2020.
Cover illustration, BarnombudsmannenChristina HeitmannCover illustration, BarnombudsmannenCover illustration for Barnombudsmannen. 
Book illustration, BarnombudsmannenChristina HeitmannBook illustration, Barnombudsmannen.
Editorial illustration, Lidingö StadChristina HeitmannEditorial illustration, Lidingö StadEditorial illustration for the magazine Vårt Lidingö. Printed and web. 
Portrait Frida KahloChristina HeitmannPortrait Frida KahloPortrait of Frida Kahlo. Wall of Femme is a series of portraits of brave and inspiring women who challenged conventions, dared to be different and paved the way for others.
Portrait -Malala YousafzaiChristina HeitmannPortrait -Malala YousafzaiPortrait of Malala Yousafzai. Wall of Femme is a series of portraits of brave and inspiring women.
Illustration Wall calendar, SourcebooksChristina HeitmannIllustration Wall calendar, SourcebooksPortrait of Simone de Beauvoir. "2019 Fiercely Female Wall Poster Calendar". Wall calendar for Sourcebooks/ USA.
Art wall calendar, JuniqeChristina HeitmannArt wall calendar, JuniqeFollow the Rainbow. 2021 art wall calendar for Juniqe, Germany. 
Trafficking, Länsstyrelsen StockholmChristina HeitmannTrafficking, Länsstyrelsen StockholmTrafficking. Illustration for Länsstyrelsen Stockholm.
Eventillustration, TeliaChristina HeitmannEventillustration, TeliaEvent illustration. Telia, Blick Event
Illustration, RiksidrottmuseetChristina HeitmannIllustration, RiksidrottmuseetIllustrations for Riksidrottmuseet. 
Illustration, shower curtainChristina HeitmannIllustration, shower curtainHula-Hoop Zebra, shower curtain for Juniqe. Also available as bath towels, cushion covers and prints at Nordic Poster Collective, BGA, Poster Kid, och Juniqe.
Children´s book illustrationChristina HeitmannChildren´s book illustrationCharacter design for the children’s book ”TakaTaka reser till rymden”, written by Sofia Claesson
Illustration - BubblesChristina HeitmannIllustration - BubblesBubbles, cushion cover for Juniqe. Illustration of two bears blowing bubbles in space. Also available as notebooks, personal planners, postcards and wall art at Nordic Poster Collective, BGA, Poster Kid and Juniqe.
Christina Heitmann
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Christina Heitmann

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Christina Heitmann and I have worked as an illustrator since 2000. My commissions includes advertising, fashion, interior design, event, books, concept illustration and editorial illustrations.

What part of your creative work do you like the most?

I love to work with clients to solve visual challenges and bring stories to life. During the creative work process I like to twist and turn an idea and find unexpected angles.