Clara Lindegren portfolio

Game backgroundClara LindegrenGame backgroundBackground to a game made for Polismyndigheten.
Black angus bull. My own projectClara LindegrenBlack angus bull. My own projectAcrylic and digital painting
Book illustration, Olika förlagClara LindegrenBook illustration, Olika förlagBook that will be released 2019. Olika förlag
Illustration school book Natur & Kultur 2019Clara LindegrenIllustration school book Natur & Kultur 2019Illustration book
Book cover "Katträddningen"Clara LindegrenBook cover "Katträddningen"Book cover. 
A career in crime. Polismyndigheten 2019Clara LindegrenA career in crime. Polismyndigheten 2019A career in crime
UgandaClara LindegrenUgandaSupposed to be in a restaurant in Uganda. 
Pella jumpsClara LindegrenPella jumpsBook illustartion Natur & Kultur
No one likes my little filmClara LindegrenNo one likes my little filmIllustration to a boook called "På skärmen" about social media
Belgian work horse and a catClara LindegrenBelgian work horse and a catAcrylic and digital painting
Book illustration. "På skärmen" Rabén & SjögrenClara LindegrenBook illustration. "På skärmen" Rabén & SjögrenSelfies taken by cats. Illustration to the book På skärmen. It's about fun things you do out on the internet but also what you should be careful with.
Sundsvalls orchestraClara LindegrenSundsvalls orchestraIllustration for a poster
Illustration Läsloket 2019 Natur & KulturClara LindegrenIllustration Läsloket 2019 Natur & KulturIllustration Läsloket 2019 Natur & Kultur
Advent calendar for the swedish police department 2015Clara LindegrenAdvent calendar for the swedish police department 2015An advent calender. First an ink drawing and then colored in Photoshop.
Queens theatre. background illustration to the app Twingo.Clara LindegrenQueens theatre. background illustration to the app Twingo.Queens theatre. background illustration to the app Twingo. An adventure game for kids 6-10 years old. Will be released in January 2016
A made up book coverClara LindegrenA made up book coverA just love the books made for young girls about horses. So I made this fictive cover. In Photoshop.
wall painting in a restaurant, Delibruket.Clara Lindegrenwall painting in a restaurant, Delibruket.Wall painting in a restaurant. Made with water paint, ink and Photoshop then printed on some material and then up on a wall in the resturant. 3 x 5 meter.
Clara Lindegren
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Clara Lindegren

I'm an illustrator first. I love details and I can sit with a drawing for hours and hours when most people think it's allready done. For me it's also important to get it right. As an exemple, I would never draw an airliner and write Boeing 747 on it and only make two engines. It must be correct. I also LOVE to draw animals.

I have been working as an illustrator for over 15 years. I've illustrated more then twenty books, mostly for Bonnier utbildning.

Right now I just completed an advent calender for the swedish police department. And I'm working on a catalog for Film i Västernorrland.