David Cederlöf portfolio

Illustrations for web. laget.seDavid CederlöfIllustrations for web. laget.seDescribing illustrations for website laget.se
Logotype, Sister in ArmsDavid CederlöfLogotype, Sister in ArmsLogotype for pop/rock band SIster in Arms. Handlettered and vectorized.
Logotype, DigitaliseraDavid CederlöfLogotype, DigitaliseraHandmade logo for Digitalisera – marketing & communication.
Region Örebro län, illustration and print designDavid CederlöfRegion Örebro län, illustration and print designIllustration och print designl for Innovationsslussen, Region Örebro län.
IBF Örebro, MascotDavid CederlöfIBF Örebro, MascotMascot illustration for Örebro innebandy.
T-shirt design, LaPumaDavid CederlöfT-shirt design, LaPumaIllustration for swedish rock band.
T-shirt, LaPumaDavid CederlöfT-shirt, LaPumaIllustration for pop/rock band LaPuma
Green Cargo, IllustrationDavid CederlöfGreen Cargo, IllustrationIllustration for Green Cargo.
Grythyttan gästgivaregård, MapDavid CederlöfGrythyttan gästgivaregård, MapMap of buildings and surroundings to help visitors locate themselves at the hotel. The map appears in a folder and at the hotel web site.

David Cederlöf

I work with illustration and graphic design.