David Karlström

David Karlström

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is David and I work primarily with illustration. Among the clients are Nöjesguiden, Tshirt Store, BRIS, OmVärlden and a number of other editorials who turn to me when they want to give the reader a better experience using illustrations filled with humor, details and imagination.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

I work with great self-esteem, curiosity and a desire to always do the next job better, which I hope gives the customer a sense of trust. Above all, I see it as we work together to produce an illustration we are both happy with. In which we work together to create something.

Do you feel like you have developed in your work?

I've gone from, having a small thought of at some point work with the creative, to now find myself right in the middle of it. I constantly evolving and I dare say that in every job I developed enormously. Much thanks to my customers' trust, which means that I always intend to deliver the best possible.