Edin Tucalija portfolio

Book design: En familjevän stiger påEdin TucalijaBook design: En familjevän stiger påBook design. Publisher: nattpoesi bokförlag, Sweden.
Cinque TerreEdin TucalijaCinque TerrePattern design: Cinque Terre
IdeA StoreEdin TucalijaIdeA StoreIllustration IdeA Store, City of Helsingborg.
Gambian Society HelsingborgEdin TucalijaGambian Society HelsingborgGraphic Identity: Gambian Society. I was asked by Gambian Society in Helsingborg, Sweden, to create their new graphic identity. African colors and patterns were main inspiration in this wonderful project. Societys powerful social relations made me feel happy and I wanted to reflect that feeling in this identity. Openness and togetherness are the key words.
Estate investigationEdin TucalijaEstate investigationIllustration and folder Estate investigation, CIty of Helsingborg.
NavigatorcentrumEdin TucalijaNavigatorcentrumFolder and illustration, Navigatorcentrum Helsingborgs stad
Dunkers kulturhusEdin TucalijaDunkers kulturhusPattern design: Dunkers kulturhus
Fashion illustrationEdin TucalijaFashion illustrationFashion illustration. Own project.
Jobb på siktEdin TucalijaJobb på siktIllustration project Jobb på sikt, City of Helsingborg.
I love you so muchEdin TucalijaI love you so muchI love you so much I will let you be the first The closest like perfume On my neck I will let you be The butter in my bread The air in my lungs The water in my tank I will let you create imprint As our thoughts merge In an unadorned room With stone floor I will let you control my emotions With patterns from distant movie Something that may look like symbiosis Without any resistance I like to wait For the only thing I can do Is to imagine Your closeness
YouEdin TucalijaYouI sat and waited longer than usual, for the wind of the dark rain, partly broken behind your ear. The gray lenses were closely placed along our road and glared long time on the cloud, caught between our hands. You said that you already knew, before we opened our front doors and let the rainbow out, over the stone bridge to the east of town.
Split in two partsEdin TucalijaSplit in two partsHere I am. Split in two parts. Gray haired man on the outside. At least ten years younger on the inside. There we agree. My close friend and me. We are young and we conquer the world. Each in our own way. My friend do it for real. And me, yes, I have ambition. If not the world, at least the bay. Possibly the river and waterfall. Most likely running tap water. We toast sometimes. My friend and me. We talk about life. And popular artists. My friend is a traveler. Resting in my chest. We like each other. We also like beer and lamb. And organic products. That fill us with warmth, our lungs with the smells. As El Niño in our veins. We write lyrics, inspire each other. It becomes beautiful when margins are alined. As in our solar system, when a bright star appears. That's what my friend is, deep in me. But time flies, lines are already written. And now we are on the way. Travelling again. A touch on the cheek, almost like a kiss. It is time to hide the eyes, dress my heart in a burqa. For it does not help to close my eyes. It will be difficult to erase. What's already drawn. Deep in my marrow. El Niño withdraws and the heat escapes. The gray haired man remains. Black and white on the surface. Cold facts on paper.
Edin Tucalija

Edin Tucalija

I am a designer, illustrator and writer from Helsingborg, Sweden. In all my drawings I try to add a bit of personal, human and organic touch and hope that one day I will be able to create products that people will love and use with joy. To almost every drawing I write a short poem.

In today's digital world, we create a lot with computer as an assistant. And there’s nothing wrong with that. What I like is to add a little bit of handmade to a digital product, perhaps with a pen or a brush. I want to create contrasts that enhance both parts. Computers make personal parts suffer; they do most things a little bit too perfect. And it is not the world, nor the people in it. I want to create products that get us closer, closer to reality, closer to the world.

I believe that beauty exists within all of us. To reflect that I paint very minimal drawings and I allow the colours to lift the subject and create balance. I think we all could do so even in the real world and show that we are just as beautiful as anyone, and in any manner.

Many of my drawings are black and white, for people's fates are often tragic. However, I try to find consolation, at least with some beautiful words. I try to give a little hope, show some compassion and turn someone's bad day into something good.

Kindest regards,
Edin Tucalija