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Elin Hjulström Lord
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Starting from the history of animation, the lecture revolves around different approaches and techniques, focusing on small-scale and analog productions. The aim is to provide the participants with knowledge and inspiration to try some animation on their own.

Discover the amazing feeling of making dead objects come to life! The participants build scenographies and make their own animation with materials at hand. The workshop begins with some tips and inspirational examples.

Participants make animations by drawing page by page in a book or pad. The workshop begins with some tips and inspirational examples. Give your drawings life!

Workshop or lecture
Basic education in Adobe Photoshop, the leading program in image editing. The participants learn about the most commonly used tool, image editing, drawing and painting, and how to save images for print or for screen.

Workshop or lecture
Adobe Photoshop for more experienced users. The workshop/lecture can be tailored to your wishes. Examples of subjects: image editing, background extraction, drawing and painting, basic animation.

Workshop or animation
Learn the basics of Adobe InDesign, the layoutprogram where you can create books, folders and other products for print. We talk about tools and properties, how to link images and how to keep a consistent design. The participants also learn about text formatting, and how to export for print or screen.

Workshop, Lectures

Elin Hjulström Lord

Let me start by telling you: I love stories! Be it history, comics, movies, books or the story behind a single illustration. This interest is what fuel my illustration work – as you are bound to notice when you browse my portfolio – whether the outcome is comics, book illustrations, record cover artworks, or posters and graphic profiles for music festivals.

I also run Studio Lord together with my husband, which provides graphic design, websites, books and logotypes, as well as being a subcontractor in the animation industry. We also offer art-oriented workshops for libraries, museums and art schools, and have given lectures for The association of Swedish illustrators and graphic designers.

Some of my clients: Minecraft, Egmont, Gefle Dagblad, Gävle Teater, Sandvikens Kommun, Hello Films, Konstfrämjandet, Scanorama (SAS), Region Gävleborg, Gävle Kommun, Socialdemokraterna, Skottes Musikteater, Lamour Records, Vindöga-festivalen, Kulturcentrum, PUSH-festivalen, Claesons, Gaffel, The Storygraph.

Educated in Sequential Art & Visual Storytelling at Gävle University.
Based in Gävle, Sweden.