Elin Svensson portfolio

VÄXTEXTRAKTElin SvenssonVÄXTEXTRAKTPackage illustration Växtextrakt, Apotek Hjärtat. Med BVD, 2018.
MONEY PLANTElin SvenssonMONEY PLANTMoney Plant, 2019.
SWISS CHEESE PLANTElin SvenssonSWISS CHEESE PLANTSwiss Cheese Plant, 2019.
VISUELL OCH KLIMATSNÄLLElin SvenssonVISUELL OCH KLIMATSNÄLLEditorial illustration, Visuell och Klimatsnäll, Tecknaren #2, 2019
REFINERY29, Breaking Out Of The Fast-Fashion CycleElin SvenssonREFINERY29, Breaking Out Of The Fast-Fashion CycleEditorial illustration 2019.
FOOD FOR CATElin SvenssonFOOD FOR CATPackaging illustration, personal project, 2020.
FATHERS DAYElin SvenssonFATHERS DAYPersonal project, 2020.
PEARElin SvenssonPEARPersonal project, 2020.
SPRING IS ON ITS WAYElin SvenssonSPRING IS ON ITS WAYPersonal project, 2020.
BOBBY PINSElin SvenssonBOBBY PINSPersonal project, 2020.
EASTER BUNNYElin SvenssonEASTER BUNNYPersonal projekt, 2020.
APOLOSOPHYElin SvenssonAPOLOSOPHYPackage illustration Apolosophy, Apotek Hjärtat. With BVD, 2017.
FRA AVFALL TIL MATElin SvenssonFRA AVFALL TIL MATEditorial illustration, Fra avfall til mat, Infinitum NR5, 2016
AROUND THE CLOCK AT TELEVISION CENTRE, No1Elin SvenssonAROUND THE CLOCK AT TELEVISION CENTRE, No1Editorial illustration, Around the clock at Television Centre, Transmission issue 5, 2018
EGGSElin SvenssonEGGSEggs, 2018
WEIGHTLIFTINGElin SvenssonWEIGHTLIFTINGWeightlifting, 2017
FLOWER WOMANElin SvenssonFLOWER WOMANFlower Woman, 2017
Elin Svensson

Elin Svensson

Elin Svensson is a freelancing Illustrator and Designer. With a multidisciplinary approach, Elin strives to create playful and functional work that aims for both the head and the heart. Her illustrations combine geometric forms with organic shapes. She plays with the use of flat colours next to heavily textured surfaces and seeks to find a balance between the simple and intricate. Elin has worked with a wide range of clients including adidas, Apotek Hjärtat, Financial Times, The Guardian, IKEA, Microsoft, Systembolaget and The Wall Street Journal