Elisabet Berg portfolio

Medical attendence, broschureElisabet BergMedical attendence, broschureIllustrations for broschure "Where do I go when my child gets ill?", medical attendence i Uppsala.
Library UppsalaElisabet BergLibrary UppsalaPictures for childrens library in Uppsala. Used för advertising, signs, web etc
StampsElisabet BergStampsStamps commissioned by The Swedish Postal authority (not yet issued) .
Illustrations for Teachers NewspaperElisabet BergIllustrations for Teachers NewspaperIllustrations for Teachers Newspaper.
LogotypesElisabet BergLogotypesLogotypes
BroschureElisabet BergBroschureBroschure
Handpainted cardsElisabet BergHandpainted cardsHandpainted cards for shops
Heart animalsElisabet BergHeart animalsHeart animals for Valentine's day.
LogotypeElisabet BergLogotypeBrand names/Logotypes for the Childrens Advisory Officer in Uppsala. Customer: The Cultural Administrator at Uppsala municipality.
Christmas AngelsElisabet BergChristmas AngelsChristmas card.
Uppsala-pictureElisabet BergUppsala-pictureOne of five Uppsala-pictures.
Uppsala, logotypesElisabet BergUppsala, logotypesLogotypes, Uppsala
StampsElisabet BergStampsGreeting stamps commissioned by The Swedish Postal authority (not issued).
Cast ironElisabet BergCast ironCast iron.
Angels.Elisabet BergAngels.Angels for Christmas cards.
PatternElisabet BergPatternPattern.
Ginger breadElisabet BergGinger breadGingerbread "Beware of Christmas"
Elisabet Berg
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