Ellinor Richey portfolio

First page of the comic "The Narrows"Ellinor RicheyFirst page of the comic "The Narrows"A page from the autobiographical comic project month at Serieskolan Kvarnby in Malmö, spring of 2017. Photoshop.
Robot mascot design for Creative Coast FestivalEllinor RicheyRobot mascot design for Creative Coast FestivalThe robot logo mascot of Creative Coast Festival, commissioned by Johan Toresson, 2015. Illustrator/Photoshop
Hidden Hats (picture book)Ellinor RicheyHidden Hats (picture book)A page from my personal picture book project, named "Hidden Hats", for ages 5-8. Done in Photoshop, 2018.
ZinesEllinor RicheyZinesComic zines done during my two years at comic school 'Serieskolan Kvarnby' (2014-2016). Handmade zines with original comics.   The Narrows, Hypoxia, Junkwraith (ep 1) & Harajuku Dreamin'.  They are sold through my webshop: http://ellinorricheyshop.tictail.com/  
Fashion IllustrationEllinor RicheyFashion IllustrationIllustration done in neon pink ink and black ink, done during October (#Inktober) 2018. Planned to be used in a printed 'Look Book' together with similar illustations. 
Page 26 from the comic 'Junkwraith'Ellinor RicheyPage 26 from the comic 'Junkwraith'A comic page from my animated webcomic Junkwraith (https://junkwraith.tumblr.com)  A personal project started at Serieskolan Kvarnby, 2017. Published weekly on Tapas (https://tapas.io/series/Junkwraith) and Webtoons (https://www.webtoons.com/en/challenge/junkwraith/list?title_no=132953).   
Pictoplasma 'Stare down' challenge entry, 2017Ellinor RicheyPictoplasma 'Stare down' challenge entry, 2017Entry for the year's theme at the character design festival 'Pictoplasma', 2018.  Based on my webcomic 'Junkwraith'. 
Card designEllinor RicheyCard designDone for the christmas market at comic school 'Serieskolan', 2016. Photoshop. 
Ellinor Richey

Ellinor Richey

Illustrator and comic artist, based in Gothenburg Sweden.
Work experience: Concept artist at The Station Interactive (2014-2016). Designer of a robot mascot for the Creative Coast Festival. Creator of the adventure webcomic 'Junkwraith' (https://junkwraith.tumblr.com/) that will be published as a physical book 2021 by Topshelf Productions. 
Currently working at Thunderful Games as 2D artist (Concepts, storyboards, Visual Development, UI). 
Open for smaller or part-time freelance comissions.