Emelie Zetterberg portfolio

Happy solstice! 2020Emelie ZetterbergHappy solstice! 2020Personal project
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, 2020Emelie ZetterbergMerry Christmas & Happy New Year, 2020Christmas card, personal project.
Bee-friendly flowersEmelie ZetterbergBee-friendly flowersPattern- and graphic design for seed bags.
Wedding invitation , 2020Emelie ZetterbergWedding invitation , 2020Illustration and graphic design for a wedding invitation.
Finansliv, editorial, 2019Emelie ZetterbergFinansliv, editorial, 2019Editorial illustration for the magazine Finansliv, 2019. For an article about the financial crash ten years ago and the possibility of it happening again. The cover won 2020’s edition of the European Magazine Award for best cover, in the category ’Cover One Shot’. The award is given by the European Publishing Congress and the jury consisted of representatives from Der Spiegel, The Economist and Readly, among others.
Linderoths/OBOS, illustrated alphabet, 2019Emelie ZetterbergLinderoths/OBOS, illustrated alphabet, 2019Illustrated alphabet commissioned by the advertising agency Linderoths for their OBOS campaign Hägerneholm Park. To see the project as a whole please visit Linderoths webpage: http://linderoths.se/obos-hagerneholm-park/
School culture, Chef & Ledarskap, 2018Emelie ZetterbergSchool culture, Chef & Ledarskap, 2018Editorial illustration for the magazine Chef & Ledarskap, 2018.
Chef & Ledarskap, editorial, 2018Emelie ZetterbergChef & Ledarskap, editorial, 2018Illustration for the magazine Chef & Ledarskap. For an article about handshakes and discrimination in the workplace.
Chef & Ledarskap, editorial, 2018Emelie ZetterbergChef & Ledarskap, editorial, 2018Illustration for Chef & Ledarskap Magazine. For an article about student health.
Personal work, Spring, 2017Emelie ZetterbergPersonal work, Spring, 2017Personal work, Spring, 2017.
Fria Tidningen, editorial, 2017.Emelie ZetterbergFria Tidningen, editorial, 2017.Illustrations for Zac O'Yeah christmas short story ”Störd helg” published in Fria Tidningen.
Allt Faller, album artwork, 2018Emelie ZetterbergAllt Faller, album artwork, 2018Artwork and design for the album Allt faller by Swedish band Fartyg 6. Released on LP and 6 panel digipak by record label PACAYA Records.
Affisch Jazz&ArtEmelie ZetterbergAffisch Jazz&ArtIllustration och grafisk form för Jazz&Art. 
Card, Personal project, 2018Emelie ZetterbergCard, Personal project, 2018Personal project, 2018
Animated pattern 'Salt Peanuts'. Personal workEmelie ZetterbergAnimated pattern 'Salt Peanuts'. Personal workOne of three animated patterns from the collection 'Changes' inspired by three music genres. 'Salt Peanuts' was inspired by jazz music, where I wanted to capture the playfulness of the dance floor.
Animated pattern 'Bluegrass'. Personal work,Emelie ZetterbergAnimated pattern 'Bluegrass'. Personal work,One of three animated patterns from the collection 'Changes' inspired by three music genres. The pattern 'Bluegrass' is inspired by old-time music where I made use of the stories of life’s phases and the change in the seasons.
Animated pattern 'Detroit'. Personal work.Emelie ZetterbergAnimated pattern 'Detroit'. Personal work.One of three animated patterns from the collection 'Changes' inspired by three music genres. The pattern 'Detroit'  is inspired by techno where I made use of the city’s and the machines mechanical pulse.
Collage - personal workEmelie ZetterbergCollage - personal workCollage
Emelie Zetterberg

Emelie Zetterberg

My name is Emelie and I work as a freelance illustrator and designer!

Types of commissions I've had range from editorial illustration, patterned packaging, covers, posters, letter illustrations to wedding invitations. Animation commissions include animated music videos, web content and live animations.

My previous clients include, among others, Finansliv, Chef & Ledarskap and OBOS / Linderoth, as well as artists and private clients.

I have also, together with Finanslivs AD, won the 'European Magazine Award' in the category 'Cover One Shot' for a cover I illustrated for Finansliv.

I have previously studied storytelling, and have a degree in design with a focus on visual communication at Academy of Art and Design in Gothenburg.

Let me know if you have any thoughts or want to talk about a project!