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Personal/october challenge "Witchin' in the kitch'n"Emma SelbergPersonal/october challenge "Witchin' in the kitch'n"Since 2016 I've been participating in creative challenges at least a month every year -here is an illustration from 2019's "Inktober". It's an original character I created the same year for the occation, whom since have reappeared a few times in similar events. First posted on my twitter @Jontamarin on october 13, 2019. Fineliner, grey markers, slightly edited in Ps.
Personal/may-challenge "Gutted"Emma SelbergPersonal/may-challenge "Gutted"Another piece from creative challenges 2019, this time for Mermay. First posted on my twitter @Jontamarin on may 31, 2019. Ballpoint-sketch, then Photoshop.
Personal/october challenge "Humanwolfsheep"Emma SelbergPersonal/october challenge "Humanwolfsheep"An illustration fråm 2019's "Inktober". Original creature created during the challenge. First posted on my twitter @Jontamarin on october 22, 2019. Fineliner, markers and ink.
Personal/may-challenge "Sealmaid"Emma SelbergPersonal/may-challenge "Sealmaid"An illustration from the Mermay challenge of 2020. First posted on my twitter @Jontamarin on may 29, 2020. Photoshop
Emma Selberg

Emma Selberg

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Emma. Professionally I've worked as a graphic designer for almost ten years, but as a free artist I have a varied set of tecnique preferences and I do whatever feels fun at the moment – a lot of sketching and drawing with fineliners or ink, but I also focus a lot on aquarell for concentrated periods of time and sometimes digital drawing/painting, now and then switching to work with linolium carving, achrylic painting or embroidery. A lot of design- and decorationprojects, comics and varied illustrations in focus.

What’s your idea of the perfect job project?

Don't have a specific one at the moment – I want to work with illustration, maybe cover art or poster art, preferably towards the more fantastic genres – fantasy, horror, folklore, mythology. It would also be intresting to explore the more creative sides of graphic design.

What does your work table tell us about you?

I'm a mix artist and a neatfreak that likes colour and controlled chaos, a lot of small details and natural shapes. A neo-jugend artist with a facination for nature, the fantastic and slightly macabre.