Erik Nykvist portfolio

The siege of Halden Norway 1718Erik NykvistThe siege of Halden Norway 1718Carolus Rex leads the swedish forces in the sige of the fortress of Fredriksten in Halden Norway 1718 Illustration personal project October 2019
Monastery and residenceErik NykvistMonastery and residenceIllustration 2019
MurderErik NykvistMurderIllustration 2019
Mayor houseErik NykvistMayor houseConcept / illustration
HomeErik NykvistHomeConcept/ illustration
Ghost kings HallErik NykvistGhost kings HallHaunted castle
NormandieErik NykvistNormandieThe storming of the beaches of normandie
Ghost castleErik NykvistGhost castleHaunted castle
Ghost kingErik NykvistGhost kingKing that haunts his castle.
Protector of the heirErik NykvistProtector of the heirConcept / illustration
Swedish soldiers 1844 1879Erik NykvistSwedish soldiers 1844 1879Swedish soldiers made for a book about the swedish pickelhaubes history. Historically accurate
Warhammer 4000 libraryErik NykvistWarhammer 4000 libraryWarhammer 40 000 Fan art.
Shrine of odinErik NykvistShrine of odinPersonal painting
Erik Nykvist

Erik Nykvist

Freelance illustrator and concept artist.