Erika Andersson Porath portfolio

Personal work, "The Secret Library"Erika Andersson PorathPersonal work, "The Secret Library"Personal work to evolve my style. Made in PS.
PoppyErika Andersson PorathPoppyOne picture of a collection of flower posters I'm making. This is not a commisisoned work, just something I making for myself. Made in Photoshop.
DarkiplierErika Andersson PorathDarkiplierFan art made to the youtuber Markiplier. Made with Newcastles ink.
A Grave Mistake bookcover frontErika Andersson PorathA Grave Mistake bookcover frontCommission, a book cover for the book A Grave Mistake. The author wanted a cartoony style since the book is very humorus. Made in Photohsop
Dark Souls II PS3 coverErika Andersson PorathDark Souls II PS3 coverCommission for someone who wanted a specific cover to their copy of the game Dark Souls II to PS3. Made in Photoshop
Nogitsune cover artErika Andersson PorathNogitsune cover artCommission for someone who wanted a cover to their playlist. The character is from the series Vampire Diaries. Made in Photoshop.
Self portrait May 2015Erika Andersson PorathSelf portrait May 2015A self portrait I made back in May 2015. The style is inspired by Jamie Hewlett. Made in Photoshop.
Sabina Corleone - Kasta Mannen CD CoverErika Andersson PorathSabina Corleone - Kasta Mannen CD CoverCD Cover to Sabia Corleone's single Kasta Mannen (Throw the man) that is used for Spotify.
Erika Andersson Porath

Erika Andersson Porath

My name is Erika Andersson Porath and I'm a freelancing illustrator, grafic designer and animation artist. I have a BA in Game design and Graphics, where I mostly focused on concept art and animation, both 2D and 3D. I also have an education in film and television production and art. 

I'm hired through Uppsala University as a graphic designer and have done all the graphics and print to the event Gotland Game Conference the past two years. I have also made films to Swedish Game Awards with animated graphics in 2017. Otherwise I mostly do freelance illustrations.

If I don't use pen and paper, I mostly work with Photoshop, Illustrator, TvPaint, 3D Studio Max, After Effects and Sony Vegas.