Erika Norén portfolio

Surface pattern design on fabric, 2017. "Snowdrops"Erika NorénSurface pattern design on fabric, 2017. "Snowdrops"Pattern design printed on fabric, jersey, for Tyglycka. "Snowdrops".
Book busErika NorénBook busIllustration for a library-bus in southern Sweden.
Pattern printed on fabric, "wood anemone"Erika NorénPattern printed on fabric, "wood anemone"Pattern with wood anemone flowers, printed on jersey for Vintage In My Heart.
Personal work.Erika NorénPersonal work.Illustration of the most common names according to statistics 2014.
Surface pattern design, 2017, "currant".Erika NorénSurface pattern design, 2017, "currant".Pattern design printed on fabric for Memba Design. Red and black currants.
Magazine coverErika NorénMagazine coverCover for Sweden’s leading graphic design magazine
Surface pattern design, 2017. "Rhubarbs".Erika NorénSurface pattern design, 2017. "Rhubarbs".Pattern printed on fabric for Memba Design, rhubarbs.
Peony, poster.Erika NorénPeony, poster.Poster for environmentally conscious furniture and interior design company Reforma.
Surfacedesign on fabric, 2016Erika NorénSurfacedesign on fabric, 2016Retroflowers on jersey, cotton. For Tyglycka.
Info graphics, 2017.Erika NorénInfo graphics, 2017.Info graphics, illustration of numbers. Personal work.
Surface pattern design, "gooseberry", 2017.Erika NorénSurface pattern design, "gooseberry", 2017.Pattern design printed on fabric for Memba Design.
Surface pattern design on fabric. 2016Erika NorénSurface pattern design on fabric. 2016Pattern design printed on fabric for Tyglycka. "Bleeding hearts"
Pattern on fabric. 2018.Erika NorénPattern on fabric. 2018.Pattern with lilac printed on jersey for Tyglycka. Released 2018.
Erika Norén

Erika Norén

I am a graphic designer and illustrator who has been in the advertising and communication industry since 2001. I design logos, graphic concepts, surface pattern design, package design, posters, bookcovers, adverts, and marketing materials – among other things.