Gabriel M. Sonder portfolio

Earnest RowGabriel M. Sonder Earnest RowEarnest Row
RecreationGabriel M. Sonder RecreationLogo and storefront deisign for Alba 2020
WallyGabriel M. Sonder WallyComic book
Fängslande och mest djupsinnade svunnen - Angela Banér HesseGabriel M. Sonder Fängslande och mest djupsinnade svunnen - Angela Banér HesseBook of poetry, cover, 2019
In like a Lion, out like a SwineGabriel M. Sonder In like a Lion, out like a SwineIn like a Lion, out like a Swine / In som ett lejon, ut som ett svin (Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, 2019). Softcover book, 110×180 mm, 112 pages, offset. Text: Sara Arrhenius and Fredrik Ehlin. Drawings: Eugene Sundelius von Rosen. Graphic design: Rikard Heberling. Printing: TMG Sthlm, Bromma.  
"We can Listen to Each other"Gabriel M. Sonder "We can Listen to Each other""Vi kan lyssna på varandra" / "We can Listen to Each other". Commissioned work for Serion, 2020. How can communication and media change or alter the way in which we relate to our peers. How can our relationships benefit or be affected by new-media.?
TogetherGabriel M. Sonder TogetherIllustration for Landsorganisationen i Sverige. About union workers.
Radona Lilo StitchGabriel M. Sonder Radona Lilo StitchRadona Lilo Stitch
Guess QuestGabriel M. Sonder Guess QuestGuess Quest, poster for Tv-show.
Staying With the CeronGabriel M. Sonder Staying With the CeronStill freeze frame from 2d animation Vanadisbadet, 2020 ink and pencil on paper
DecideGabriel M. Sonder DecideDecide, 2020
Rembtown SmallvilleGabriel M. Sonder Rembtown SmallvillePoster for comic and tv-show
Book cover for "Amber of Stone"Gabriel M. Sonder Book cover for "Amber of Stone"Book cover for "Amber of Stone", a coming of age novel by the Swedish-Norwegian author Ingrid Wiehe. The book centers around a young person suffering from anxiety disorder in the Finnish village of Toro, outside of Helsinki. 
Fabienne with eraserGabriel M. Sonder Fabienne with eraserFabienne with eraser, illustration, 2020
Repro Tv-show-posterGabriel M. Sonder Repro Tv-show-posterRepro Tv-show-poster
"the Dream about a Class Society"Gabriel M. Sonder "the Dream about a Class Society""the Dream about a Class Society" illustration for a magazine article about reformism. 2019.
Therapy & the youngEugene Sundelius von RosenTherapy & the youngA young woman fighting her inner demons. Originally drawn for Roden College, 2018, comic book project. 
Graphic novel cover design, Ex AMA Ten vol 1Gabriel M. Sonder Graphic novel cover design, Ex AMA Ten vol 1Cover design for graphic novel, Ex AMA Ten vol 1. 2018
Gabriel  M. Sonder

Gabriel M. Sonder

Hi. I specialize in drawing (analog and digital) but also make collages, graphic design,  comics and animation I work in a wide variety of media and has knowledge in various computer software.

Draws for book-covers, narratives, advertisement, products, learning-material and much much more!

I would be delighted to work with You!