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Eva Bergstrom

Pictures, illustrations is for me, my primary language. I create images that tell a little more than the written word can. I love drawing people big or little, animals and monsters. Most of the time, my illustrations have a little touch of humor both for children & adults.

They are rich in details and often tell a side story. In this way, new things are discovered each time you open the book. A typical Eva image is playfully created with happy and soft colors for an open warm feel. For me, life is movments and full of colors which comes through my work.

I have illustrated a dozen children- and schoolbooks, and have just started writing my own books. I also illustrate educational and information material as well as for magazines and web.  I speak fluently French, Dutch, English as well as some German which has been quiet an advantage in international context.

Feel free to contact me with commission works, big or small.

What are you working on right now?
Right now, I'm inspired in my writing and illustrations by Berit, a little French bulldog.

Which part of the creative work process do you like best?The sketching part of my work is my favorite one, i just love when all the ideas pop into my head and take on a life of their own. Everything is possible at this stage, then you got to choose a direction: "kill your darling".

In my work, I sketch and draw with paper & pencil, but also digital which is commonplace. My illustrations are processed and delivered digitally. My favourit mediums are watercolor, pencils, gouache, acrylic paint, collage.

Some of my clients:
Editors: Natur och Kultur, Bonniers, Liber, UR
Magazines: Kollega, Arbetsmarknaden, Friluftsliv, Företagaren, Insikt, Villa Ägaren 
Information material: Socialstyrelsen, Utbildningsbyrån AB.