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Arvid Nordquist, tea packagingFredrik BrännströmArvid Nordquist, tea packagingPackaging illustrations and pattern for Arvid Nordquist. Classic tea with Scandinavian twist.
Bonnierförlagen LäraFredrik BrännströmBonnierförlagen LäraIllustration to the book - Hem & Konsumentkunskap med Tina & Josse.
Gral, wine etiquetteFredrik BrännströmGral, wine etiquettePackaging design and illustration for a small winery in Mosel, Germany. The design radiates history and craftmanship but still not too “safe“. It was very important in the process that the design should feel like their own brand. Something that has the right feeling for the winery and catches your eye.
Garant - Crushed tomatoesFredrik BrännströmGarant - Crushed tomatoesPackaging illustrations for Garant and their updated design for crushed tomatoes. Made digitally with a priority of highlighting the tastiness.
Personal work - Peter Rabbit 2Fredrik BrännströmPersonal work - Peter Rabbit 2Personal project to make a poster for the movie Peter Rabbit 2. I have always liked Beatrix Potters original illustrations for this story. Therefore I wanted to bring back that feeling into the new and updated movie world in my own way and style.
Pigs HotelFredrik BrännströmPigs HotelAbout 40 illustrations for The Pig Hotels new book release. Packed full of simple recipes, kitchen and garden tips and tricks, interior inspiration and home-grown how tos.
Holmen skogFredrik BrännströmHolmen skogCover illustration for Holmen skogs latest issue of Skogsliv. Skogsliv is a magazine for you who are a forest owner and sells wood to Holmen. With the magazine they want to inspire and give tips on forestry – from one forest owner to another. Each magazine has a different theme and in this particular issue of Skogsliv we delve into the soil and the importance of adapting tree species and forestry to the conditions of the plant site.
JureskogsFredrik BrännströmJureskogsThe Jureskog burgers process from farm to finished product in one illustration. Every part of the process is all carefully thought out and well crafted.
MarionetteaternFredrik BrännströmMarionetteaternLaunch picture for Marionetteaterns childrens show “a seed in space”. It is a contemporary tale about the globe and the humankinds relation with it.
Mulle wine - 10 year anniversaryFredrik BrännströmMulle wine - 10 year anniversaryThe small micro brewery has been doing their mulled wine for 10 years! That is totally worth a celebration with a new and festive anniversary design!
SystembolagetFredrik BrännströmSystembolagetHow every part of the organization somehow all fits together and cooperates. A mix between the silhouette mannerism and the more traditional style.
Personal work - Koi AbyssFredrik BrännströmPersonal work - Koi AbyssPersonal illustration inspired by the beautiful Japanese ponds.
Garant Identity IllustrationsFredrik BrännströmGarant Identity IllustrationsCopperstick illustrations with a humoristic twist for Garants communicative identity.
Hemköp identity illustrationsFredrik BrännströmHemköp identity illustrationsBistro illustrations for Hemköps updated identity. Each illustrations have two variations. One that is more detailed and one that can contain short communicative messages.
Garant JuiceFredrik BrännströmGarant JuiceBotanic illustrations and graphic design for Garant juice packaging.
Personal project - Top DawgsFredrik BrännströmPersonal project - Top DawgsPersonal illustration. Inspired by fable illustratoins but in present time.
Pigs Hotel - CocktailsFredrik BrännströmPigs Hotel - CocktailsPigs Hotel and their different cocktails that they serve.  Part of their book "The Pig Book".
Icon designFredrik BrännströmIcon designVarious different icon designs from the companies below: 1. Hemfrid 2. Lundgrens snus 3. Fixa 4. Roosfjällen fastigheter 5. Tya
Fredrik Brännström
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Fredrik Brännström

Fredrik Brännström is an illustator from the north of Sweden currently living and working in Stockholm. He loves the art of illustration and is fascinated with dots, lines and tiny details. Fredrik is also a graphic designer, specialized in packaging design.