Fredrik Saarkoppel portfolio

ABB Automation.Fredrik SaarkoppelABB Automation.Internal campaign.
Icons, splashes etc.Fredrik SaarkoppelIcons, splashes etc.Digital imagery for interfaces.
Animation Deep DrawFredrik SaarkoppelAnimation Deep Draw3D-animation & 2D-animation (even the lousy emergency music :-) Avure Technologies 2014.
Self portraitFredrik SaarkoppelSelf portraitSelf promotion.
Mixed tech illustrationsFredrik SaarkoppelMixed tech illustrationsTechnical illustrations for different purposes for client Nederman.
Bus decorFredrik SaarkoppelBus decorThree designs. End customer: MAN.
VINNOVA: Illustrations of research and new inventions.Fredrik SaarkoppelVINNOVA: Illustrations of research and new inventions.VINNOVA-Nytt magazine.
Design/ Image bank concept SLUFredrik SaarkoppelDesign/ Image bank concept SLUClient: SLU (Statens Lantbruksuniversitet.)
Logotypes - some samplesFredrik SaarkoppelLogotypes - some samplesIcons/pictograms are related to icons, and I have done some of those.
Assembly instructions, print and animation (and film)Fredrik SaarkoppelAssembly instructions, print and animation (and film)Including HOW and WHERE to assemble to keep insurance policy valid. And text, animation, layout and film.
Wall decor experimental workshop VCEFredrik SaarkoppelWall decor experimental workshop VCEVolvo Contruction Equipment. Tech theme seemed fair. Drawing i s design only; inspred by their future concepts.
Sample poster from "Nya Jägareskolan" (Hunter´s school")Fredrik SaarkoppelSample poster from "Nya Jägareskolan" (Hunter´s school")Books have since been replaced...So not so new.
Poster: Difference between Trakthygge and Blädning (don't know english terminology)Fredrik SaarkoppelPoster: Difference between Trakthygge and Blädning (don't know english terminology)Explaining the difference between two methods of growing and harvesting trees.
Samples from book about Nature and societyFredrik SaarkoppelSamples from book about Nature and societyEducational material for University
My books: "Vadå naturen" (with activity book) and "Tracker's guide" (here cover ill)Fredrik SaarkoppelMy books: "Vadå naturen" (with activity book) and "Tracker's guide" (here cover ill)Written, illustrated, idea-generatated and (slightly unfortunately) layouted under great deadline pressure by me and colleague.
Fredrik SaarkoppelPhotoshop manipulation and art
Fredrik SaarkoppelEducational comic for ages 9 to 13
Sample illustrations for magazine "Brandsäkert"Fredrik SaarkoppelSample illustrations for magazine "Brandsäkert"Magazine ill. 
Fredrik Saarkoppel
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Fredrik Saarkoppel

I work a lot with educational materials, informative graphics, interfaces and animation. I have also written, designed and illustrated some educational and technical books, as well as designed games for different platforms. I am familiar with science, nature and engineering, and I enjoy visualizing & explaining complicated concepts and instructions for print, film and web. I also do ”impossible” images in Photoshop and some video.