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Butterfly, Vanessa AtlantaFredrik SwahnButterfly, Vanessa AtlantaButterfly drawing for Skansen open air museum.
MeltingFredrik SwahnMeltingIllustration to an article about superficiality and all the contemporary forces (from screens and social media) that prevent contact with one's own core.
bumblebeeFredrik SwahnbumblebeeNatural History Illustration of a bumblebee. 
Oh dear!Fredrik SwahnOh dear!Winter motive for Advocate Art. 
PineappleFredrik SwahnPineappleVintage poster
Santa Claus Fredrik SwahnSanta Claus Christmas motive for Advocate Art. 
SofaFredrik SwahnSofaChildrens book illustration. Girls reading in sofa with cat. 
ShampooFredrik SwahnShampooGirl having a shower. Illustration for childrens book.
Book: Hello Hair!Fredrik SwahnBook: Hello Hair!Illustrations and design for the children´s book: Hej håret! A curious facts book about the strangest body part through ages. 
Santa Claus in windowFredrik SwahnSanta Claus in windowChristmas motive for Advocate Art
PianoFredrik SwahnPianoCurly and straight haired by the piano. 
Children climbing treeFredrik SwahnChildren climbing treeKids with different hair colours climbing a tree.
WindFredrik SwahnWindGirl with strong wind in her hair.  Childrens book illustration.
Viking villageFredrik SwahnViking villageFacts illustration for Liber Publishing.
Viking parents Fredrik SwahnViking parents Viking couple with newborn baby.  Educational book for Liber. 
Portraits Fredrik SwahnPortraits Portraits of people (which they could potentially look like) aboard the Swedish East India Company ships, during 1700s sailing from Sweden to China. The illustration can be seen at the exhibition Passengers at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm. Dimensions: 212x80 cm.
18th Century Dance on wall of museumFredrik Swahn18th Century Dance on wall of museumThe illustration is made for the exhibition "Passengers" at the Maritime Museum in Stockholm. It covers four walls in a booth where the holes are made for visitors to look inside and be part of the exhibition themselves. It depicts dancing people in a hall in Cape Town in the 18th century. Size: 5.6 x 2 meters.
ExplorerFredrik SwahnExplorerOwl with books
Fredrik Swahn
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Fredrik Swahn

I do illustrations and design for magazines, advertising, movies, clothing, books and packages. Print, web and animations.

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