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FreedomFrida BergkvistFreedomFreedom
Svepet - Vuxenskolan Norrbottens newsletterFrida BergkvistSvepet - Vuxenskolan Norrbottens newsletterLogo for SVepet, SV Norrbottens newsletter
StareyeFrida BergkvistStareyeStareye
EstetarnFrida BergkvistEstetarnIllustration for a story about stereotypes in the magazine Lithanian.
TekniknördenFrida BergkvistTekniknördenAn illustration for a story about stereotypes in the magazine Lithanian.
SameFrida BergkvistSameSame people of Sweden. 
LeafFrida BergkvistLeafAutumnleaf, for a story in the magazine Lithanian.
Healthy travelling.Frida BergkvistHealthy travelling.Healthy travelling - an informationbroschure for Framtidsvägen (a project within Skellefteå Kommun)
This is solar energyFrida BergkvistThis is solar energySolarenergy
Frida BergkvistGarbagelatter - illustration for Tekniska kontoret (Skellefteå muncipality)
Frida BergkvistLayout to SV Norrbottens business plan
Frida BergkvistPortrait of my friend Robert
Frida BergkvistOrkidea
Frida BergkvistLogotype for the company Skellnet
Frida BergkvistTribute to JPG
Frida BergkvistIn the ocean
How to create a horrormovie - in swedishFrida BergkvistHow to create a horrormovie - in swedishA humouous short movie about making a horror-movie. In swedish. 
Intro - SkelleftefadernFrida BergkvistIntro - SkelleftefadernIntro to the movie Skelleftefadern, made in Skellefteå. 
Frida Bergkvist
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Frida Bergkvist

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?My name is Frida Bergkvist and I´m both an illustrator and an artist. I illustrate everything from sheeps to trucks. It´s exciting to push my own boundries!
What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?I´m very humble and not afraid of critic. I appreciate honesty that in the end leads to me being a better illustrator.
What’s your idea of the perfect job project?To illustrate a childrens book. That has always been a dream of mine.