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"Summer is a state of mind" Pattern designFrida Hammar"Summer is a state of mind" Pattern design"Summer is a state of mind" Pattern design
"The Drawing Map" Frida Hammar"The Drawing Map" "The Drawing Map" 
"Map to courage" Frida Hammar"Map to courage" "Map to courage"  
"Journal illustration"Frida Hammar"Journal illustration""Journal illustration"
Pattern design "Birds and flowers"Frida HammarPattern design "Birds and flowers"Pattern design "Birds and flowers"
"Believe" Pattern designFrida Hammar"Believe" Pattern design"Believe" Pattern design
Pattern design "Indigo butterfly"Frida HammarPattern design "Indigo butterfly"Pattern design "Indigo butterfly"
"Starway to heaven"Frida Hammar"Starway to heaven""Starway to heaven"
"Dark days"Frida Hammar"Dark days""Dark days"
Plate designFrida HammarPlate designPlate design
"Guardian angel"Frida Hammar"Guardian angel""Guardian angel"
"Miss Cat and the Burglars"Frida Hammar"Miss Cat and the Burglars""Miss Cat and the Burglars"
"Home is where the coffee is"Frida Hammar"Home is where the coffee is""Home is where the coffee is"
Pattern design "Dia de los muertos"Frida HammarPattern design "Dia de los muertos"Pattern design "Dia de los muertos"
Wall Art Frida HammarWall Art Wall Art, abstract shapes
"Practicing self control"Frida Hammar"Practicing self control""Practicing self control" 
Christmas cardFrida HammarChristmas cardChristmas card
"Christmas is coming" - christmas cardFrida Hammar"Christmas is coming" - christmas card"Christmas is coming" - christmas card
Frida Hammar

Frida Hammar

My name is Frida Hammar. I freelance as an illustrator and animator.

I always loved to draw. I love to draw characters. Like many others, I began to draw what I saw. But, I slowly started to add or subtract things and people into my drawings, mixing reality with imagination. I realized that I had found the perfect way to communicate. It was then I decided that this is what I wanted to do, communicate through art. For me, visual expression has much stronger impact than just textual communication. To communicate, we need both.

What I really enjoy doing is making illustrations that challenge stereotypical norms of our time. It would be easier to create illustrations that confirm already set ideés of, for exemple, gender, age or ethnicity, than to create artwork that question it. But for me, from the choice of colors, to what the characters are doing, or composition, the list goes on, it`s important to work with. I been fortunate to have worked with clients that thinks it´s important too.

After graduating from the Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, (2004) I started my business and has freelanced since.


Umeå Kommun, Nacka Kommun, Jönköpings landslandsting, Kulturrådet, Umeå Universitetssjukhus, MOVE, WWACE, Ica Kvantum, MTV, Umeå Universitet, Lerstenens Fastigheter, Aptum, Region Västerbotten, Länsstyrelsen i Västerbotten, Norrmejerier, Länstyrelsen, Norrlandsoperan, SVT, Konstfack, Sveriges Radio m.fl