Frida Hansson portfolio

Starter kit for cultivation 2019, suggested packaging, 2019Frida Hansson Starter kit for cultivation 2019, suggested packaging, 2019Gift box starter kit for cultivation,suggested packaging for Nelson Garden, 2019
Chocolate packaging, Kalles Chokladkompani, "Our very finest" 2018Frida Hansson Chocolate packaging, Kalles Chokladkompani, "Our very finest" 2018Mockup Chocolate packaging, Kalles Chokladkompani, "Our very finest" 2018.
Recipe illustration apple juice 2019Frida Hansson Recipe illustration apple juice 2019Recipe illustration, apple juice, own project 2019.
Wallpaper "Watertreasures" 2019Frida Hansson Wallpaper "Watertreasures" 2019Pattern for wallpaper in the series of "Water treasures" 2019. Mockup.
Pattern "Sleep tight" 2018Frida Hansson Pattern "Sleep tight" 2018Pattern "Sleep tight" 2018 designed to fit a packaging of soothing herbal tea.
Recipe illustration, Gooseberry compote 2020Frida Hansson Recipe illustration, Gooseberry compote 2020Illustration suggestion for recipe, gooseberry compote 2020. Own project. Recipe by Malin Broman.
Pattern "Weather play"Frida Hansson Pattern "Weather play"Pattern "Weather play" for home textiles 2020.
Pattern "Big sea" 2020Frida Hansson Pattern "Big sea" 2020Pattern for home textiles, shower curtain 2020.
Drop capsFrida Hansson Drop capsDrop caps for classic ghost stories, motifs from the story. Graphic prints.
Octopus "Water treasures" 2019Frida Hansson Octopus "Water treasures" 2019Octopus. Risographic print in the series "Water treasures". Own project 2019.
Interior, beauty products Frida Hansson Interior, beauty products Illustration for a magazine about beauty products.
Fashion illustrationFrida Hansson Fashion illustrationFashion illustration for a magazine.
Illustration, recipe cherry liqueurFrida Hansson Illustration, recipe cherry liqueurRecipe illustration for cooking magazine.
Suggested illustration for "Vetekatten" 2018Frida Hansson Suggested illustration for "Vetekatten" 2018School project, illustrations for pastry shop "Vetekatten".
Get well soon greeting 2018.Frida Hansson Get well soon greeting 2018.Get well soon greeting. Own project.
Tea packaging school project 2018.Frida Hansson Tea packaging school project 2018.Mockup tea package, soothing herbal tea. School assignment.
Cooking illustration, own project 2019.Frida Hansson Cooking illustration, own project 2019.Cookbook project. Suggestion for cooking illustration.
"Water treasures" own project 2018.Frida Hansson "Water treasures" own project 2018.A tribute to the fantastic diversity of the oceans.
Frida Hansson

Frida Hansson

I like to work with a pen, a brush and a pair of scissors in combination with digital tools to create everything between educational materials to packaging design. For example I`ve had the pleasure to work together with Rabén & Sjögren, Eriksson & Lindgren and Gleerups.