Gabriella Roberg portfolio

Personal project. "MOOSE"Gabriella RobergPersonal project. "MOOSE"A digital painting of a moose.
Personal project. Gabriella RobergPersonal project. A playfull illustration.
Personal projekt. "BEAR"Gabriella RobergPersonal projekt. "BEAR"An illustrated portrait of a bear.
LEOPARD PATTERNGabriella RobergLEOPARD PATTERNA seamless pattern with leopards.
HERONGabriella RobergHERONA seamless pattern with herons.
ABC leopardGabriella RobergABC leopardAn ABC poster with leopards.
F. KahloGabriella RobergF. KahloPortrait of Frida Kahlo.
J. MorrisonGabriella RobergJ. MorrisonFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede
F. MercuryGabriella RobergF. MercuryFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede
A. EinsteinGabriella RobergA. EinsteinFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede.
Great blue heronGabriella RobergGreat blue heronPainting of an great blue heron.
Wish you were hereGabriella RobergWish you were herePainting.
Where art thouGabriella RobergWhere art thouPainting.
IncompleteGabriella RobergIncompletePainting.
HendrixGabriella RobergHendrixFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede.
WoolfGabriella RobergWoolfFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede.
KahloGabriella RobergKahloFrom the "icon collection" for Arty Swede.
BowieGabriella RobergBowiePortrait of Bowie.
Gabriella Roberg

Gabriella Roberg

My name is Gabriella Roberg and I am an illustrator and artist with roots in the north. I mostly use digital tools when I create my works, but analog techniques also occur. My design language is original, tasteful and timeless.

I master everything from minimalist lines to realistic portraits – preferably the two in combination. Portraits and animals are recurring in my creation, but my curiosity also drives me in other directions.

I have worked with companies such as Scandinavian Homes, Desenio, Arty Swede, BGA Nordic, Stilora, Inzpero, Nordic Poster Collective and Franklin fastighetsservice.