Gunilla Byström portfolio

Handle with careGunilla ByströmHandle with careVäxjö city. Poster for Kulturnatten 2017. Theme: love.
"Lighthouse" by NoahsArkGunilla Byström"Lighthouse" by NoahsArkDigita art from painted paper.
"Blue house" by NoahsArkGunilla Byström"Blue house" by NoahsArkDigital art from painted paper.
Personal work, "The beard" 2015Gunilla ByströmPersonal work, "The beard" 2015Santa is puzzled.
Personal project. WinterGunilla ByströmPersonal project. WinterA winter night in black and white.
Personal work. "Tomte 2015"Gunilla ByströmPersonal work. "Tomte 2015"This years Santa.
Personal work. "ABC"Gunilla ByströmPersonal work. "ABC"Learning to read can be difficult.  
Personal work. "Midsummer night´s dream"Gunilla ByströmPersonal work. "Midsummer night´s dream"A Swedish Midsummer.
Personal work, "Cats"Gunilla ByströmPersonal work, "Cats"About a girl and her cats.
Burde Förlag. Calendar 2015 - 2016Gunilla ByströmBurde Förlag. Calendar 2015 - 2016Calendar, own design for Burde Förlag.
Image company. MAT2104Gunilla ByströmImage company. MAT2104Illustration in a food magazine.
How does your garden grow? MAT 2014Gunilla ByströmHow does your garden grow? MAT 2014Part of an illustration for a Food Fair in Växjö, Mat2014.
Växjö kommun. Santa Claus 2015Gunilla ByströmVäxjö kommun. Santa Claus 2015Behind number 24... Christmas Calendar 2015.
Växjö kommun. A Christmas web calendar 2015Gunilla ByströmVäxjö kommun. A Christmas web calendar 2015A calendar on the schoolwebb in Växjö 2015.
Personal project. Christmas wrapping.Gunilla ByströmPersonal project. Christmas wrapping.Christmas wrapping paper
Personal work. "Animals on wheels" 2015Gunilla ByströmPersonal work. "Animals on wheels" 2015A wall calendar with animals on wheels, 2015.
UGunilla ByströmUA design alphabet.
IKEA. "Santa Claus"Gunilla ByströmIKEA. "Santa Claus"Swedish Santa used by IKEA 2011 and onward.
Gunilla Byström
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Gunilla Byström

As an illustrator and artist I´m very inspired by nature, fairytales, fantasy and the absurd, and I do love letters and words. 

I work with pen and paper, Illustrator, Photoshop and In Design.

I have worked with (and still do): IKEA, Burde förlag, Växjö kommun, MAT 2014, Backemarks, Länsstyrelsen i Växjö, TSC-Sverige.