Gunnel Branzell portfolio

Gunnel Branzellvåga blicka in där höga fanor står och sparvens vingar bär, an artbook with haikupoems, in co-operation with Ida Rosén Branzell
Gunnel BranzellDeisign of the book Father by the poet Annelie Salminen. The book cosists of fold-outs. There is also a CD with text and music
Gunnel BranzellDesign of the book I'ts a girl. The customer was Västmanlands läns museum. The book was produced together with an exhibition and workshops. The theme was women's life during the 20 th century
Gunnel BranzellDesign of the book Undomar k-märker. Customer Västmanlands läns museum
Gunnel BranzellGrafic design, Katalogue of artists i Bergslagen. Customer Visit Bergslagen
Gunnel BranzellWedding congratulation inspired from old ones. Water-colour
Gunnel BranzellDocumentation of the project event park from idea to reality.
Gunnel BranzellLogotype to tailor Cecilia
Gunnel BranzellLogotype for a group of craftsmen
Gunnel BranzellLogotype for hospital clownes
Gunnel BranzellGrafic design of two leaves for scool visiting the theatre. Customer 4:e teatern. Illustrations by Ida Rosén Branzell, poetic text by Annelie Salminen
Gunnel BranzellGrafic design of a haiku calendar. Customer, the author Roger Bergkvist. Illustrations Ida Rosén Branzell
Gunnel BranzellLogotype, card, presentation, poster and roll-up. Customer DiaSpect Medical AB
Gunnel BranzellGrfic design of the book Good examples. Customer Västmanlands läns museum. The museum wanted to show some good examles how to take care of old buildings
Gunnel BranzellGrafic design of the member-paper Kulturfolk; 20 pges (internet-paper) for the kulture-union KiR, Kultur i Rörelse
Gunnel BranzellTwo book-covers. Customer Solrosens förlag
Gunnel Branzell
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