Hannele Fernström portfolio

Personal project, fruits and vegetable patternHannele FernströmPersonal project, fruits and vegetable patternPattern with fruits, berries and vegetables
Personal project, vacayHannele FernströmPersonal project, vacayConversational pattern, a dream about summer and vacation!
Personal project, floral patternHannele FernströmPersonal project, floral patternFun and playful floral pattern.
Personal work, makeupHannele FernströmPersonal work, makeupPersonal work made in procreate.
Personal work, Swedish fikaHannele FernströmPersonal work, Swedish fikaPersonal work made in proecreate.
Alloverprint, ocean, personal workHannele FernströmAlloverprint, ocean, personal workAlloverprint inspired by the ocean.
Flowers, personal projectHannele FernströmFlowers, personal projectFlowers
MONKI, floral printHannele FernströmMONKI, floral printAllover print for MONKI
MONKI, scarfHannele FernströmMONKI, scarfDigitally printed scarf for MONKI SS19
Hannele Fernström

Hannele Fernström


,I worked as a print designer for the last 5 years at MONKI head office. I worked on several departments and made prints for everything from socks to outerwear. My prints have always had a great selling outcome. One of my strengths in my profession is that I’m skilled in many different styles. I like to design flowers, abstracts, animal prints and pretty much everything in between. I work fast and focused, I never miss a deadline. My artworks are designed both by hand in aquarelle or ink and in Adobe Suites. I find my inspiration on the runway, at the museum, in nature and on the streets. Open for commisions!