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Publishing farmHans von CorswantPublishing farmSunday chronicle Kvartal
Kvartal sunday chronicleHans von CorswantKvartal sunday chronicleSunday chronicle Kvartal. Trade routes China
Visita magazineHans von CorswantVisita magazineVisita organization of Sweden. 
Sunday chronicle KvartalHans von CorswantSunday chronicle KvartalSunday chronicle 30 augusti 2020
Bi AdvantageHans von CorswantBi AdvantageSchool of Economics in Oslo
Sunday chronicle 2020-10-04Hans von CorswantSunday chronicle 2020-10-04Sunday chronicle Kvartal
Where does great ideas come from?Hans von CorswantWhere does great ideas come from?Sunday chronicle Kvartal 2020-09-27
Sunday chronicle KvartalHans von CorswantSunday chronicle KvartalKvartals sunday chronicle 2020-06-07
Who gets the money in WHO?Hans von CorswantWho gets the money in WHO?Sunday chronicle Kvartal 2020-05-10
KvartalHans von CorswantKvartalKvartal sunday chronicle 2020-04-19
BI AdvantageHans von CorswantBI AdvantageFinacial information BI Advantage. 
LAND LantbrukHans von CorswantLAND LantbrukIllustration for School of economics in Oslo
BI AdvantageHans von CorswantBI AdvantagePublication illustration for School of economics in Oslo
BI advantageHans von CorswantBI advantagePublication BI Advantage, school of economics in Oslo
LÄRAHans von CorswantLÄRAPublication LÄRA idea illustration
Music boostHans von CorswantMusic boostSchool of economics in Oslo. Idea illustration for BI advantage publication.
Global citizenHans von CorswantGlobal citizenMagazine LÄRA illustration
Magazine LÄRAHans von CorswantMagazine LÄRAMagazine LÄRA
Hans  von Corswant

Hans von Corswant

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Hans von Corswant and I am an Art Director, illustrator and graphic designer.