Hedvig Wallin portfolio

CHRISTMAS CARDHedvig WallinCHRISTMAS CARDChristmas card from 2020.
Children's book: "Skuttis"Hedvig WallinChildren's book: "Skuttis"Illustrator for a swedish children's book called "Skuttis – Det stora morotskalaset", written by Stina Brandin, 2018.
Digital illustration for honey jarHedvig WallinDigital illustration for honey jarDigital illustration for honey jars from Gothenburg amusement park Liseberg, 2017
Pictogram for a schoolHedvig WallinPictogram for a schoolMade some icons/symbols for an education company called "AcadeMedia", 2019. Here are a few of them!
CHILDREN'S BOOK: GOODBYE GINOHedvig WallinCHILDREN'S BOOK: GOODBYE GINOIllustrations for a children's book, will be published in 2021.
Chapter book for childrenHedvig WallinChapter book for childrenIdus Förlag, 2019
ARCTIC PAPERHedvig WallinARCTIC PAPERFor a campaign called #CreateLate
LISEBERG: digital illustrationHedvig WallinLISEBERG: digital illustrationGraphic design and digital illustration for the amusement park Liseberg, 2020.
Magazine illustrationHedvig WallinMagazine illustrationIllustration for a swedish magazine called "Skriva". It's about writing fast or slowly.
CHILDREN'S BOOKHedvig WallinCHILDREN'S BOOKPublished by Idus Förlag, 2017.
BEER LABELHedvig WallinBEER LABELBeer label for a home brewery, 2019.
Self hate: Illustration for a magazineHedvig WallinSelf hate: Illustration for a magazineMade some illustrations for an article about self hate. In the swedish magazine called "Skriva",.
Stylish grannyHedvig WallinStylish grannyArtwork for a feminist anthology, 2018.
Self hate, magazine illustrationHedvig WallinSelf hate, magazine illustrationI made some illustrations for an article in a swedish magazine about writing called "Tidningen Skriva", 2016.
Bachelor thesis, Graphic DesignHedvig WallinBachelor thesis, Graphic DesignMy final school project in Graphic Design at Malmö University, 2017.  An illustrated book for adults with texts by unpublished writers. See more spreads here: https://hedvigwallin.com/examensarbete
CHILDREN'S BOOKHedvig WallinCHILDREN'S BOOKA children's book about migration. Published by Idus Förlag 2018.
Linas MatkasseHedvig WallinLinas MatkasseIllustrations for a presentation about food waste.
Hedvig Wallin

Hedvig Wallin

Hi there!

I'm a Gothenburg based illustrator. I graduated in 2017 with a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design from Malmö University. Now I work as a graphic designer at the amusement park Liseberg, and I’m also a freelance illustrator. Mostly I illustrate for children's books, but I’ve also done illustrations for magazines, book covers and other companies. My work is playful, colourful and with a lot of details and fun characters.

I'm always up for any kind of projects so just send me an e-mail if you have any questions or want to make an order!