Helena Bergendahl portfolio

Threats at work, editorial work for a newspaperHelena BergendahlThreats at work, editorial work for a newspaperThreats at work, editorial work for a newspaper
To teach grownups how to ride a bikeHelena BergendahlTo teach grownups how to ride a bikePen illustrations for a study book: To teach grownups how to ride a bike
Working environment, book illustrationHelena BergendahlWorking environment, book illustrationIllustration for a book published by the working environment organization Prevent. 
Illustrations for the Swedish Research CouncilHelena BergendahlIllustrations for the Swedish Research CouncilOne of ten illustrations for the Swedish Research Council, about research on teaching. The text in the picture is ORD = WORD in Swedish
Helena Bergendahl
Helena BergendahlIllustration on an article about apps and digital invoices for Gothenburg city authorities
Helena BergendahlMap of a society where the inhabitants are engaged in volonteer work
Helena BergendahlFrom a website about Swedish Research, about grades and assessment
Helena BergendahlFrom "Here comes the sun" a book about the weather due to be published in Bangladesh 2013
Helena BergendahlA map for the local authorities in a part of Gothenburg, Sweden
Banner till VetenskapsrådetHelena BergendahlBanner till VetenskapsrådetTio korta frågor om forskning till Vetenskapsrådets hemsida - om skolforskning
Map of planned parts of GothenburgHelena BergendahlMap of planned parts of GothenburgMap of planned parts of Gothenburg, published in the information magazine Älvstaden
The tourist in the futureHelena BergendahlThe tourist in the futureIllustration for a book about tourism and business. 
Introduction in a workplaceHelena BergendahlIntroduction in a workplaceHow to recrute immigrants to a workplace. 
Collaboration in the local areaHelena BergendahlCollaboration in the local areaHow can different local decisionmakers collaborate? An illustration for a book from the Association of Local authorities in Sweden. 
Innovation PriceHelena BergendahlInnovation PriceVisual identity for the Innovation Price. I made several different pictures, the client chose another one, but this was my favorite.
Tourism and its valueHelena BergendahlTourism and its valueIllustration for a book about the tourism industry. 
CyclistHelena BergendahlCyclistIllustrations made for a company that work with investigations and solution regarding city planning
Helena Bergendahl
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This workshop is about creating a fictional character and what it looks like. What does the illustrator know about the character that no one else knows? How does an illustrator work? How do you draw feelings, perspectives, and what secrets are there that only illustrators know about? And how is it possible to draw a character exactly the same but from different angles in a whole book?

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Helena Bergendahl

What is your name and how would you briefly describe what you do?

My name is Helena Bergendahl and I am an illustrator, mostly for childrens books nowadays. I used to work with magazines. Sometimes I have workshops in schools. Sometimes I am a project coordinator.

What’s the best thing about working with you, from a clients point of view?

When I get passionate about a job I also get focused and fast. This happens a lot, even when it comes to climate change, how to teach maths, plumbing or consumers rights. I have been a professional for more than twenty years, and know what will work, what looks good in what media.